I have got the needle

The bedrock of life on this earth
We began as immortal
It was, eternal worth
We were fresh and alive
Standing there on our own
Naked as nature intended

We looked up at the sun
Felt the warmth from its glare
We were already grounded
And feeling aware
We opened our eyes
And looked up at the sky
Its was beautifully blue
And then we knew why

We had come here
We felt it
We knew it was right
We would live for each moment
Drenched in the warm light
Our authenticity
It did coincide
With the knowledge we came with
We felt we relied

On it
Then, what happened
Our parents agreed
Or were they coerced
I felt my arm bleed
I was so little
It all seemed unfair
For someone to stick that big
Needle right there

I had thoughts of such greatness
And sublimity
I was sure that this planet
Was going to be
A paradise really
The colours around
All my senses were working
With my feet on the ground

But suddenly somehow
Something inside
Snapped I was trapped
With no where to hide
A kind of unravelment
Swept over me
I felt isolated
And just couldn’t see

A way ahead
For that moment in time
For I really believed
That I would never climb
To the heights I had hoped
Something dark entered me
Though my eyes were wide open
I just couldn’t see

What was in that needle
That darkly syringe
What combination
Was about to impinge
On my very being
For something was wrong
Suddenly I felt I didn’t belong

I was fearing a turbulence
My own affray
Pulsing through my body
Perhaps my decay
It had been my beginning
But felt like my end
Why hadn’t my parents
Tried to defend

My body against them
What did they do
They wore their white coats
And they smiled
It was true
They gave me a sweetie
In case I did cry
But they forgot to tell
Me one day I might die

From the cocktail of death
Contained in the vial
Mercury formaldehyde
Was I on trial?
And, aluminium and lots more as well
Clearly the injection
Was straight out of hell

On that sad day
On that sad note
I remember that doctor
And all that he wrote
He was cold he was clammy
A brute of a man
A BIG PHARMA disciple
One of their clan

Really from that moment
Things went downhill
I was lost in my head
Knowing that I will
Always remember the first time that I
Opened my eyes
And saw the blue sky

That was the picture
I have always retained
For since that injection
Not much have I gained
I live in my own cave
Its darkly and bare
I am nothing no more
And I just do not care

For those seconds before it all happened
To me
When I opened my eyes all I could see
Was wonderment everywhere
Potential soul
But since my vaccination
I lost all control

I am just one of them now
The earth and its glow
Means nothing at all
I don’t want to know
Why I do what I do
To me I don’t care
I just like my cave
I like to be there

When I am taken out
I don’t want to go
They don’t understand
They don’t really know
How I love my cave
And the darkness around
For its there where my demons
And I touch the ground

As for BIG PHARMA the monsters
Oh dear
Why are they harming us
To me it is clear
They want to be done with us
They don’t want too see
Innocent children
Trying to be

Happy and caring
Sharing the wealth
They use their chemicals
Use them with stealth
And we all are the victims
Eugenics appears
To be what its all about
My dearest dears

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