Come cry with me
Come wipe my tears
Come feel my heart break
At the fears
Erupting in the room today
As primates suffer
So we say

Masks and uniforms
Nurses technicians
Vile impostors, they
Treat each darling animal
In a sick and sorry way

The violins remind us
A screwdriver will do
Force these beautiful primates
Into situations, new
Screw electrodes in their brains
And magnets on their head
Shave them of their precious hair
Their faces flushed and red

Why do this
Its some experiment
For some crappy cleaner they
Need to spray it in the victims eyes
Without any delay

Look at them dressed like medical staff
Robotic rogues they be
Not one ounce of compassion
Not a gram of empathy
Heartless soulless infidels
Working so they say
No better than the torture guards
In countries far away

Lamentable behaviour
Cant you feel the tears
Erupting from your tear ducts now
No it just appears
You are cold and clammy
Like the corporate CEo’s
Taking their rotten salaries
As their profit margin grows

They should have the electrodes
Implanted in their brain
Lock them in a tiny cage
Till they go insane
They are insane already
Without the cage to me
A bunch of sorry losers
Lets throw away their key

Experimentation is a laboured
And cruel way
Of ticking fucking boxes
And trying to allay
Feelings about this and that
Wasting life what we
Do now to our animals
Will come back karmically

Cancer and the big diseases
They will come to call
You so called vile technicians
In laboratories you rule
Tormenting and torturing
The angels of the trees
You stole them from where they were placed
Paid shits to go and seize

Our relatives true relatives
The living loving ones
Not you robotic brainwashed fools
Fed on currant buns
And bacon rolls and that shit
That so affects your brain
Anyone that could do this job
Has to be insane

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