Cheetah walks

When we walk with the Cheetah
What we do we learn
We learn disrespect
Yes at every turn
Irreverence and unregarded
That is what we learn
Overlooking the Cheetah
and its true concern

This is an arrogant theorem
That Lion Park do possess
The unseemliness
The unearned stress
The basic assumption no less
Those who hand over money
To walk and imagine they are high
And mighty about it
I assure you its true
Such subjugation is clearly my view

As really misguided
Just another way
Of exploiting a wild soul
Who walks in our way
This Cheetah is aching
To run with the mob
The family the cubs
How he does sob
At the thought of this
Walking with humans
Each day
Its driving him crazy
And its him that does pay

We can’t see his tears
Because we don’t look
Its making big bucks
They will be writing a book
Soon it will be on TV
And of course
Money the margin
Straight from the source

What it tells me
That these parks
And these zoo’s
Are there for the wrong reason
Its not good news
For the Cheetah
They suffer from our lunacy
Just open your eyes
It wants to break free

Shackled by guides
By experts by fools
By corporate wishes
These the new schools
Of thought
Never coming from caring
Oh no
Just subjugation
That is free to grow

2 comments on “Cheetah walks

  1. Claudia on said:

    Thank you Rex, poor poor Cheetahs how sad that Lion Park feel its acceptable to exploit them whilst announcing to the public that they are stopping their Lion walks due to increasing public concern re cub petting, canned hunting and trophy hunting. What liars these fools are.

  2. The cheetah rhe fastest land animals yet they are held back in the basis that they forgo their instinctive thrust and walk with humans for an hour

    Imagine that imagine their frustration their sadness what would rhey getbout if this experience except being exploited

    LION park feel well they say they do I think mostbof their feeling relate to going to the bank

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