Babes in the wood 5 of them

Babies they were babies
Innocent wee souls
Brought into this fragile world
By a bunch of fxxking trolls
Possibly a puppy mill
Or a private breeder who
Was overcome with earning
And was lost to what to do

These criminals of conscience
Who obviously live next door
To someone
someone out there
Who hears barking
But isn’t sure
What it is they are up to
Breeding seemed to be
Better than having a real job
Despite The infamy

They could earn a spanish holiday
With little or no outlay
And if it all goes wrong somehow
Just drive a little way
One dark night near Watford
Dump the babies there
Where hopefully no one finds them
So no one is aware

Soulless tripe thats all they were
Unable to realise
Those little balls of baby fluff
With terribly weepy eyes
Their last thoughts
Would be Of Paradise
Instead hellish despair
Cuddling up to each other
With nobody else there

THe RSPCA said they found them
In the dark of night
A tragic little graveyard
Where nothing there was right
Innocence personified
Gentleness of touch
But sadly loved by no one
Nobody as such

And so they met their
untimely end
In a vile and awful way
Lost and thrown together
They all were made to pay

Whoever it was who dumped them there
Who simply crept away
Was seen of course by Anubis
And there will come a day
When payback is going to happen
In the dead of night
The gods will knock upon their door
And will not escape the bite

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