VAXI nation

The absurdity of using lethal substances
In vaccinations primed to safeguard those
Likely to be struck down by bouts of the dreaded lurgi
Its The vagaries of Government, I suppose
And Mandatory the new kid on the health block
Heavy metals and herbicides as well
What the hell is happening to our freedom
Democracy apparently from Hell

Fluoride in our water chem trails in the sky
And Mercury and formaldehyde and Aluminium why?
And now Merck has decided to use Monsanto who
Wants to use their glyphosate
Which no one wants to do
No one in their right mind
Nobody at all
When there is agent orange
And cyanide to call
A teaspoon of plutonium
Will Kill us all stone dead
What the hell is happening
Aren’t people seeing red

Is it the new World Order
And eugenics at a stroke
Inject us all with toxins
I know it sounds a joke
Perhaps to the illuminati
But not to me mate I
Feel that its insanity
A morosis from on high

Its a certifiability
A psychosis in a vial
Is Delusional insanity
Apparently your style?
Persecuting children
For the scumbags now in power
With their tax avoidance systems
Working every hour

They must be from bedlam
The screwy wacky lot
Adding toxic poisons
And not caring a jot
About the awful numbers
Of brain dead souls around
And struggling on the spectrum
Going over the old ground

The lunatic fraternity
Deranged demented sods
Dressed up in their finery
Praying to their gods
Hiding in their bunkers
Hallucinating hard
Engulfed in fukushima
And the musings of this bard

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