Training horses to assist in the murder of Bulls

Lets lament altogether
Lets all wail and woe
Watching a bull take a hit
As we know
The cruelty here is beyond
Rights to see
And the picador man
Is a coward obviously

Paid to sit back with a massive
Long spear
And get close to the bull
And impale him from here
Thrust it as hard as can be
In his back
This is a mean and a vicious

The horse clearly feels it too
All of that thrust
So much so really that it does disgust
Those of us watching
The man jumps away
Leaving the horse to just run
And pay

The price
So explosively runs blindly to
The wall smashes through it
And is injured, we do
See ugly and terrible accidents here
That Horse may be too far gone
That much I fear

Out comes a bull
And a proud matador
A wretched creep
His gaudiness raw
Behind his silk
The bull dashes through
And smashes the matador
Into the blue

Am I glad to see this
I bloody well am
i want to see more of this
And its not jam
Its really blood not make up
That part is good
All of the crimson is real
And it should

Hurt I just hope it hurts
These bastards they
Need a bloody good hiding
Put the fear of god up them
Get overawed
Hopefully some could die by their sword
Not the bulls but the men
These unmanly goons
Faint hearted. Raven ugly poltroons
Being audacious with nobility
The bulls need to win
Need to harm need to see

Its surely humbling
But not to these sods
Killers in costume
With swords and with rods
Beating the life out of a creature who
In a field with the flowers would do nothing to you

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