The role of a parent
The role of a doctor
The role of BIG pharma
And governments too
What should be given
Who should agree to it
Why are their guinea pigs
What did they do

A baby was offered an MMR only
The parents agreed to this
But on the day
despite their refusal
To have any other
Their baby was given 8 in 1
And did pay
From that moment she went
She screamed like a banshee
Shivering shaking
A fever set got
The parents were told it was a virus
And not to worry
But the doctor who signed off
The injection did not
Check it appears for the
girl got a cocktail
Of horror and a polio oral
Was injected too
This awful concoction
Basically destroyed her
Untried and untested
Thats not what you do

The doctor who signed off
The injections had gone
She had left the practice
And the notes too were lost
Terrible problems like seizures
And speech loss and gastric problems
Which basically cost

The family they all had to try to get by
The baby made terribly ill
Which was why
Her father gave up work
Their lives ruined by
Whatever was injected into her
Which is why

They carried on fighting
They suffered it all
Gastric band brain damage
They went up the wall
Worrying hoping that Their child
Might be
Recovering but clearly
No one could see

Any improvement
In fact things got worse
They were lied to and told
Thinking it was some curse
For all of these years
They did not give in
Clearly this case
They hoped they could win

Clearly they were told
Just the MMR
So to then overrule the parents
Yes that far
And inject an oral
As part of the shot
Clearly there’s negligence
And such a lot

The babies life ended
When on that fateful day
Somebody erred
And this family did pay
A terrible price
For a wrongness that they
Had no means of knowing about
And no way

But the parents stayed put
They did not stop their fight
Forgetting and letting
The doctor take flight
Clearly such negligence
Happened that day
And the Little girl knew that
In her own way

She screamed the off handedness
Given was wrong
And the inattention
Really all along
This is a terrible case
And we see
The poisonous cocktails
And just how they be

Covered up really
With Excuses and lies
Blame yes the same
Who can realise
Why now autism
Is at such a high
All the vile chemicals
Piled to the sky
And there is no reduction
Now glyphosate too
Aluminium and mercury
What can we do?

Why use these vile toxins
Why do this at all
If parents say NO
We must answer that call
Nobody has the right to determine
Is injected with this or that
Not even YOU

If a parent says NO
Thats it it means NO
And if they are then injected
And the perils do grow
Whether its autism
Or something else too
The National Health must pay
For its true

Lets hope in this case
They get compensation
Something that helps them
For what is creation
A perfect baby lost in a world
Where toxic materials
Were sadly hurled

Clearly the negligence
And all the pain
That has ruined these lives
Again and again
They were not mandatory
And The parents said NO
And thats the respect
And why we must know

For me I must ask
Deep down in my bowel
Why BIG PHARMA does this
Why throw in the towel
Why make such a cocktail
For so called health gain
Is it because some are now insane

Or is it because some higher force
Wants the eugenic programme to run its course
Are they killing children
With the vaccines abroad
Or the outcome reducing their span
And reward

What could be the reason an arrogant whim
A blood curdling crime
Has it all got that grim
Is it based around profit
And a rich revenue
What is the reason
To do what they do

And now glyphosate
A vile herbicide
Already in breast milk
Now far and wide
Created by monsters
monsanto by name
Who have massive stocks
Which is their claim to fame

And so the idea
Of adding this stuff
Into vaccinations
Have we seen enough
Mercury aluminium
And now herbicide
So opposed to healing
And included inside

A vial of material
Injected inside
Of babies and children
It being denied
I cry in my soul
And I cannot begin
To work out how anyone
Could ever sin

For this is the most sinful
Thing we can do
Slaughter the children
And that is my view
Innocence lost in a moment of time
As the shape shifting monsters
Submerge in their slime

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