Is it to late to re- educate

Arrogance and ignorance
Are the hunters and poachers disease
And animal earthlings are fast disappearing
We have got the chance though to seize
The opportunity to save them
Take the clouded leopard they say
It went extinct due to over hunting
But they could bring it back there’s a way

Hunting was banned 23 years ago
Along with the logging as well
Clearly Taiwan were visionaries
How absurd it was making a hell
Out of the heaven they had then in place
And killing off iconic souls
Predator / prey ratio’s that did play
In a balanced approach so the roles

Didn’t exceed one another didn’t cause
Problems, but they lost the great leopard
And now the prey animals numbers are running Away
Its men with their arrogance ego’s on fire
And ignorance of the true worth
That nature provides really to the whole landscape
That covers what is precious earth

Trees are now growing back cover is there
And lots of prey so they could
Bring back the leopard providing protection
And for Taiwan that would be so good
Taking out predators is a mistake
It is arrogant and Thus is wrong
Lets give Taiwan a pat on the back
And confirm really they do belong

Back in the forest catching their prey
Observing reality in its own way
The seasons will change the environment too
Will go back to how it should be before you
Man stepped up shooting man doesn’t think
He pollutes when he shoots he is a missing link
In a great natural chain that spreads over the earth
And gives us a reason for knowing its worth

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