Tongues of jagged limestone
Reach into the sky
Tear the heart out of anyone
Who dares to see how high
Tossed out of an ancient bed
Whose fingers cut and thrust
Sum and substance climb immortal
Grounded in pure trust

The blades exist to stump those
Who wouldst find a way
Of skirting over their stalwart hips
Such violence set to pay
A considerable identity
A symbolic token to
An inherited characteristic
Its perspective clearly true

Few men would dare to scale them
Crowned lemurs do and they
Have thick pads on their feet and can
Skip and jump and play
Like fakirs they are fleet of foot
And the scything swords they test
Create a wall of monolithic proportions
And at best
Only the lemurs manage
The monotony of being
Drilled and dressed incised and blessed
And truthfully all seeing

In this distant corner
Northern Madagascar’s reach
Tantalising offerings
Rise and fall and breach
Every traditional viewpoint
For here the lost world be
And it opens its heart and makes a start
And what do we presently see

The hooked toothed killers
Quietly and serenely rule
Sixteen foot of muscle
How the hell they haul
Such an ancient set of bones
Through the muddy world
100 or so human beings
Taken and just hurled
Blindly cracked and broken
Into reptile stew
The great Nile Crocodile is here
Waiting perhaps for you

His mightiness his eminence
His unconscionable attitude
Indiscriminate and all embracing
This thumping rattling dude
Has dragged his immeasurable history
Through aeons to be here
A monster from the jurassic
Whose signal is true fear

Under the jagged spirals
The conicals of doom
Run subterranean structures
Cavernous in the gloom
And through the darkness there
Are bats whose flight of fear
Hang above the silent water
And the crocodiles are here

Adapting to the circumstance
Away from sunlight where
You would expect to find them
Not in the darkness there
Where shrimp and blind souls utter
In vast armies lie
Feeding on the sweetness
That clearly does belie

Our knowledge of existence
Their adaptability
You wouldn’t expect to find them here
Embracing all we see
But here they are and they seem to stay
Water fed and calmed each day
An ensemble ready to partake
Of bulging brim full wholesome cake

They walked with the Dinosaur
And fought no doubt a private war
With scaly dragons of a size
Whose patience came as no surprise
Pervading all so thoroughly
Creatures of maturity
They began and they may end
The provenance that they now defend

So many lemurs leap and play
Around the treetops every day
So fleet of foot too and fro
To escape the Fossa whose in the know
Who can climb like fury
Whose bite is strong
Can eat what he catches
And is seldom wrong

Unique animals exist here
The eye eye lemur
But he looks queer
Hairy big ears like a bat
And a bony finger
For he is at

The nocturnal fair
He knocks and listens
And uses his finger
The eye eye glistens
Up in the tree tops
He can hear
The creep and crawl
Of the grubs who fear

His guile and majestic
Hunting heart
He has been hunted
Himself apart
from the eye eye
A procession do
Leap all over this island too

Lemurs they only exist here
Many species and its clear
They came from AFRica across the way
To settle and clearly to try and stay
Where loggers ravage and forests die
The wild souls perish under the sky
Lemurs are suffering that is for sure
As the forests come down now more and more

Consumption of lemurs who come into the caves
To drink its the bio photons that saves
The crocodiles perhaps its true
They get their light from source they do
Those who live in the canopy exchange
Their light when they are free
And if eaten by the crocodile
This really tends to reconcile
The loss of sunlight from those who
Who Prefer the caves than the light all through

Madagascar a island where
In the Indian Ocean animals share
A paradise and a lost world
Lemurs and fossa’s all were hurled
Now the Nile Croc’s are also there
And the Baobab trees however rare
The loggers too man is no friend
To the environment shared and soon
To end

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