Marineland’s Orca’s in Antibes

Orca’s in captivity
a place where they
Should never be
SEAWORLD has proved that
Every day
For SEAWORLDS profit
The Orca’s pay

With shortened lives
And so much stress
Sun burn oxide treatments
Depth, to swim in
Its a pain
Orca’s feel the enormous

In October such despair
Came due to the storms as they
Saw mud and sharks wash them away

No clean water
Sinful stuff
Orca’s perished
Enough is enough!
Subjected to such danger
Were tortured in an ugly way

Protests organised of course
It was SEA shepherds tour de force
Its cruel and sick captivity
Where the great Orca should never be
Selfish arrogance moronic souls
Evidence of the sad controls
A dumbed down public
And the management
That truthfully are wholly spent

They are not sentient anymore
They all work now outside the law
Of Nature, carving out their path
And making the victims suffer wrath
On such a scale that its never fair
Dosed up on prozac be aware
These ORCA’s suffer day and night
So you and your family
Can delight

Seeing them leap,nseeing them sigh
But your not around when the poor souls

You are living your life
In freedom but they
Are holed up in bath tubs
Night and day
Chlorinated water and
Frozen herring thrown by hand
Only if they perform
And suffer the vagaries of the storm

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