Poisonous vaccines have been around
For years and years and I feel bound
To remind the public that this is so
Despite what governments want you to know

Back in the fifties remember that
Salk and Sabin do you smell a rat
Polio vaccines were said to be
The saviours of man creatively

The polio virus
how would they grow
In a fertilized chickens egg
What do you know

Human placental cells
Or monkeys wild
They decided wild monkeys
They reconciled

Themselves to that method
For it was so cheap
Going and fetching them
Into the deep

Darkness of forests
It was the way
Sacrifice wild souls
Just let them pay

Profits were likely
To rise with this deal
Karma just mumbo jumbo
Profits were real

They must have known
There were risks to this game
They had lost a friend
Who was infected
A name

simian virus
Back in 32
But they carried on
They took the view

The rhesus monkey
India’s friend
Who lived in the temples there
And they could send

People to slaughter them
The kidneys to take
The testicles too
Were these great men awake

Clearly they were not
It was doses that they
Could make very cheaply
Prophets no way!

With one kidney
They could make some 6000 doses
Thats 2000 children 3 doses each
So 48,000 or so monkeys
For the US and UK
So much blood was spilled

Over a half
perished on route
Rejected infected
Dumped at the root

An insanity prevailed
A lack of care
It was all about profits
And not being aware

Some 2 million monkeys
Were captured and killed
Imagine the families
But nobody billed

Humanity nobody cared
No one knew
On animal rights
There were none
Its true

Salk won the day
And his vaccine was used
the welcome foundation
Felt somewhat abused

They wanted to use
The chicken egg way
But Salk won the battle
And won the day

Bernice Eddy a scientist
In the US
In a safety testing laboratory
Found quite A mess

All of her monkeys
She tested it on
And from that day on
The government lied

She carried on studying
Knowing that she
Had stumbled on something
That just shouldn’t be

Testing the vaccines
On monkeys again
Most developed cancers
But again all in vain

Children were vaccinated
But it didn’t work
Many got polio
There in did lurk

And dark messages
A karmic debt
So they changed over to Sabin
Oral and set

But again it was found
Infections were rife
It was left to Merck
Who researched it and said
This vaccine wont work

But they went ahead
The public unaware
And SV40
was clearly in there

And they got cheaper monkeys
From the Philippines
It was so corrupt
The african greens

Had all sorts of virus
The decision they made
To use monkey kidneys
For therein they laid

A profit motive
Each dose cheaper by
A few lousy pennies
So yea that was why

Where the story ends
Was that pesticides were
The chief cause in fact
For all this to occur

Restricting their use
Brought polio down
Not vaccines in fact
And when they went to town

Many got polio cancers
and more
This went on for years
No one is sure

But children were dying
And infections were rife
And monkeys were abused
We caused our own strife

So many vaccines
These days include
Excipients and inert’s
Unexplained and quite crude

Formaldehyde thimerosal
Chemicals we
Should never be using
i think this is key

To a new wave of killing
Targeting souls
Reducing the numbers
Maintaining controls

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