We will all suffer in the end

At first glance its improbable
That mercury would be there
Or aluminium or any heavy metal
We are aware
Even in minute quantities
These toxics have such force
So to include them in injections
Is to query the source

The chemistry does matter
The minimum dosage too
The homeopathic principle
Unveils a potent view
The elemental quality
Regarded as a whole
Initiates a thought in me
Of wanting to control

Adding it to cocktails
For me can never be
Talking about preservatives
These injections should be free
From any harmful substance
It makes no sense at all
Unless other agenda’s
Someone did install

To lack the understanding
Of how thimerosal casts
Its very darkly shadow
In rather powerful blasts
That interfere with the pre- frontal cortex
Of the human brain
And drive a wedge that may
Influence the vulnerable again

The apparent rise in autism
And other spectrums too
All sorts of learning disorders
Examples coming through
The incidences of sea foods
Higher up the chain
The pollutants are considerable
And are becoming a bane

On the new society
Its really everywhere
Vaccinating children
Has been building up despair
Children that were healthy
Have lapsed or gone to sleep
Lost their gained experience
And made their parents weep

Everyone is vulnerable
To the toxic metals
Build up in the body
And do not drain away
They cause enormous damage
Disruption they display
And with canned tuna everywhere
Again the children pay

The Inuit are suffering
Their diets are for real
Mostly its whale blubber
And of course the seal
Environmental pollutants
Are rising by the day
So to add these toxic substances
When injecting means we pay

And it makes me ask the question
Is it planned to keep us dumb
Make us more compliant
More under their thumb
And is that now back firing
As the brain stems incomplete
But create some gifted aspects
Which actually might unseat

The governing authorities
Who imagined they could see
Great armies of children
Who were not deft actually
In the social aspects
So could in fact be made
To prioritise their lifestyles
As posterity had laid

There are moves a foot
To genetically create the foods we eat
To bastardise our life force
And our climates too, unseat
The continued waves of
Destroying our DNA
And making time on earth
Much shorter
Making the children pay

As robots become more human
Humans become less so
They are digitally wired
To master
Chipped and pinned to glow
They all will have GPS tracking
And get backing from the grid
The machines are taking over
I have tried to lift the lid

On the future of the planet
The new world order will
Be the master dominant
Eugenics the new pill

There will be no pensions
Just the eugenic pill
Swallow it and say goodbye
For you never will

Remember who you ever were
You join the digital age
Various stages of operative robots
Working through the page

Thats the brief they are working with
So enjoy life whilst you can
This is the life your children face
This is the new world plan

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