Lambs to the slaughterhouse

Chop up the mint leaves
And mix with the vinegar
Sugar to taste all is ready to go
Off to the slaughterhouse
Where groups of Lambs
Stolen from their mothers
Clearly they know

Each sequence before them
The sounds and the voices
These are small babies
Left with no choices
But to gaze at their friends
Being slaughtered right now
Shackled and shocked
In a place we should bow

Down to their god
For what we are now doing
So we can partake of their flesh
And their skin
Listening to them bleating
Hear them when you are eating
For you all of you
Are committing a sin

Those babies are frightened
They were so enlightened
With their dear mothers
Mentored a while
Then kidnapped and taken
To help us awaken
Our senses these babies
We need to defile

Hung on the gantry
Dancing and blinking
Staring on down to the trough
And their own
Blood filling rapidly
My heart is sinking
These slaughter men
Why are they not thinking?

One after the other
Life is denied them
Throats slashed skin pulled
Over their head
Ears and heads binned
After we have sinned
And all of those
Are of course dead

They were fresh like the daisies
Posies of joy
Slaughtered for your dear enjoyment
These vile slaughter men
And the butchers as well
And of course all of you
Who were still born in Hell

Have you ate Lamb this year
Are you one of those
Who cant watch these films
For what they now pose
Extreme terror and Horror
That your guts include
These little souls
This little brood

Lets hang our heads down
Lets think for a while
All those sweet babies
Dare we reconcile
Their agony as we decided to buy
lamb from the butcher
Now hearing more cry

i cannot believe that friends
That I know
Could be guilty of this
You would not let them grow
You slaughter them early
You heartless vile sods
Best sleep while you can
And beware of their GODS

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