What and olfactory experience can we justify
The stench of rotting flesh on skins that will
Be used to fashion into leather garments
Only made from animals they kill
No animal wants to die to just be carved up
Its skin torn off and chemicals applied
So toxic are they, cancer is now waiting
To have his way with those who have denied

The very day of reckoning as victims on the wheel
With a total lack of conscience
Clearly they cannot feel
The agony the earthlings went through
Their whole skin torn
Off their dying bodies
With about as much scorn

The corruption of creation
Spread out for all to see
In the filthy fetid toxic soup
The small ponds now that be
Drawn from the slums of Dacca
This nauseating smell
Arsenic and chromium
And of course every hell

On earth there ever could be
This terribly obnoxious slime
Its the thing that softens these animal skins
Over the course of time
Those workers are scarred everywhere
Their arms their legs their hands
Lung cancers and nose cancers
Is there no one understands

The Western clouds of vanity spread
Through there and all about
Encouraging cheaper labour
A Bangladeshi rout
6 million waste from tanneries
Washes into streams and rivers and our livers
And thats without a doubt

They are dying they are in great pain
The poor who have to be
Working in these slave pits where such adversity
Is commonplace its there and here and there its everywhere
The workers wont reach 50 and live in constant fear

Because we all want leather from markets and abroad
Cheap leather! its cheap alright!
They perish by the sword
Its torn off their aching bodies
Females so abused
And it goes through chemical processes
As the workers souls are abused

And whats it for for our flashy coats
And for handbags and for shoes
Those poor female earthlings
Had no call to refuse
Their maiming and their murder
And their agony they felt
Of course they screamed their heads off
But the cards had all been dealt

Luxury goods in fashion houses
Up and down the street
How nice do you look in dead skins
You cant feel their heart beat
No. I know it stopped a while ago
Because of you
Because of your dark arrogance
And evil ignorance too

6 million gallons of toxic
Waste run off into the streams
And onward into the rivers
Life there not for dreams
For nightmares yea thats possible
So we can strut our stuff
These poor souls are our victims
And for me I have had enough

Leather. I never wear it
Hemp and rubber me
Canvas, cotton always vegan
Wearing them and I feel free
Not All of that designer stuff
The Pretentious ugly look
Making huge great profits
From me not a second look

A government who doesn’t care
For The market though its great
And its consigned to America
And to Europe
So the fate
of millions of these animals
Is in the hands of those
Rich pumped up young yuppies
With so much that it flows

A bit like polluted rivers
Full up with the sludge
That gets caught up on bits of pram
And then it will not budge
It hangs about polluting
Every sodding where
The children
Get their cancers
And suffer the despair

Of knowing that the Western kids
Are getting leather shoes
Leather coats and leather hats
They have nothing to lose
As for the Bangladeshi kids
Cancer is their prize
Their parents suffering
Day in day out
Don’t you realise?

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