Monthly Archives: February 2016

Caribou carousel

To a four legged Caribou So many miles spent running The gauntlet rapidly piles On the emotion, the frustration And the pain For when they arrive They must come back again A terrible journey With wolves and with bears To … Continue reading

We will all suffer in the end

At first glance its improbable That mercury would be there Or aluminium or any heavy metal We are aware Even in minute quantities These toxics have such force So to include them in injections Is to query the source The … Continue reading

A mother with her pups

islamic law describes That dogs are unclean Well So to say If ever they are caught The police will put away A bitch had given birth Her innocent family By her side The police came up And strung them up … Continue reading


To my long lost beloved Feline far away In Tehran I just heard You are unwell Today Ravaged by medicine Wrongly prescribed This grotesque creation That you have imbibed Its ugliness sends you into A sick state though Lone Wolf … Continue reading

Jetsum and the whale

Givenness Life in an ocean where grief Comes to the unsuspecting Hanging off of a reef A whale a great body Can tangle and be Trapped in the nylon Of monotony Oil based extrusions That cripple and tear That knot … Continue reading

The rainbow people

History never gave her story And all of those stories before Under the sun The immortal undone The destruction and all of Our war The given was taken for granted The visible magic of life The ethos of sharing And … Continue reading

Holes and drawers

A hole in the ground Where the maggots may come To gnaw at my flesh And of course I have some Or an urn in some drawer With some ashes from me You could put in your garden Where I’d … Continue reading

When we disrespect our elders our future is bleak

Sky clad we dance in the forests of time Spreading our branches as onward we climb Upwards and outwards real sculptures we be Our stillness is clearly so creatively Drawing the energy out of the earth And all of the … Continue reading

Iceland and the world of whaling

The existence of whales In the oceans of life Their very survival From the blight and the strife Created by man and his worldly pursuit And his readiness really to run with the brute Stubborn realities Clouded each urge From … Continue reading

Facebook and what it deems workable

Its very existence was from an idea A potentiality and it was clear It would draw off the imaginary Unfounded thoughts It had visionary qualities And many ports Of call, to enable The whole universe Complete visibility Or something worse … Continue reading