Tigers and temples

The immortal understanding
The philosophy of thought
Exacting meditation
Its not how I was taught
Tigers are wild animals
Thats where they should be
In the wilds where they were put
Thats where we need to see

Wild animals not in temples
Cavorting with the monks
Thats pointlessness thats vacancy
More like a bunch of drunks
Its makes no bloody sense at all
Whatever people say
There just is no connection
A red herring For the day

Illogical to do this
Its impractical as well
Its some kind of business model
Directly out of hell
An antidote for discord
Its all contradictory
Tigers in a temple
Of course they shouldn’t be

So much collateral damage
For the Tigers I will say
They are beasts of eminence
And grandeur by the way
There beside some Abbot
In his fineries galore
Worshipping his many gods
Staggers me for sure

They have lost their habitat
Their wildness and their power
They are then subjected to subjugation
By the hour
Maltreated and manhandled
And tortured at our will
Kicked and bashed and petted
Whilst they remain quite still

Drugged up to the eyeballs
To manipulate their power
To anaesthetise their prowess
Made malleable each hour
We devalue them as earthlings
Undermine them so
Demoralise their spirit
And tamper with their flow

That is Tigers their supremacy
Far reaching as we know
Made to feel inferior
And disadvantaged whilst on show
Subordinate to religion
Unclassified as such
Sub normal if you ask me
Completely out of touch

With their macrobiotic birth right
They do not possess a role
Dependant on their parasites
To seemingly extol
What is for them normality
What is for them sublime
What is for them coherent
To face their laws of time

Scattered to the four corners
Of a temple waiting for
Crowds of would be tourists
Who come there to adore
To create in them such chaos
Such disharmony abroad
Each upheaval and each rumpus
Has to be met with accord

Its a rough house its a free for all
And these tigers feel the stress
Disciplined and frantic
In one hell of a mess
Behind the scenes of a temple
God knows what goes on
With a load of illiterate lay about’s
Whose heads are all but gone

There is no continuity
The monotony is rife
And then a chain reaction
Descending into strife
Conforming to tradition
The orthodoxy of sense
They have to be seen as above board
When everything is tense

There isn’t any stability
And equality suffers so
They become entrenched in squalor
And all of that does grow
It really makes no sense at all
To believe a sanctuary
Is possible in a temple
It really cannot be

Its a money spinner
We are getting somewhere now
It puts the gold leaf on the idols
Really that is how
All of this is measured
But of course their destiny
Their future expectation
They will never see

Take all the tigers away
Find true sanctuaries
And stop whatever is going on in the trafficking Dept

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