The little deer

Encouraging a little deer
Who was knocked down by a car
To not give up on life yet
From the wood where she did star
With all the owls and crow boys
With other wild souls too
It was important for her to live
And do what sweet deers do

But she was by the roadside
A collision had cut her face
She was bleeding from a head wound
Her heart now at a pace
Bleeding from a mouth wound
And feeling the worse for wear
Till an angel came to rescue her
And her aches and pains to share

He examined her and gently placed her in his car
Wrapping her and off he went
It wasn’t all that far
To the veterinary office
And into the surgery
Where the little deer was stitched up
And clearly soon would be

Back beside the wood where she
Came from and we saw
The angel take her to the woods
And set her down, unsure
She wanted to just sit there
Her confidence still knocked
But the angel he continued
To assist her though she blocked

His efforts for a while in fact
As gradually she could see
That she was back in the wood again
Close to the same oak tree
To the same part where she had been knocked down
Her place her wild place
And already she was gaining strength
And was gaining pace

More confident still rocky but eyes wide open she
Walked into a copse and she was gone again quite free
The angel he had saved her
She was happy hopefully
With the analgesic wearing off
In pain still possibly
But back in the dark wooded vale
Her home where she was born
Among the silver birth and beech
And close to the silver thorn

Remember when you are driving
Anywhere near a wood
Slow down take a little longer
You know you really should
Wild folk need a little space
And we should be aware
Try not to injure anything
Show the universe you care

2 comments on “The little deer

  1. Claudia Ferri on said:

    Love this, beautiful thanks Rex

  2. Thankyou for commenting positively
    The story is a true one and our thoughts are with the little soul
    And the very kind man.

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