That matador wants his ears cut off along with his genitals

SPAIN you breed a bunch of thoroughly nasty
Evil men
You train them in the murdering of Bulls
Pray tell me when
This infamy will ever cease
What I saw today
A tortured fellow in such pain
And the matador
Cut away
Both his ears despite his tears
He was still alive okay

Aware and feeling the agony
Not just of solid pain
But the ugliness of the human being
For what now could he gain
From being so bloody unfeeling
No morals did he bear
A numbness and a stupor
This arse was unaware

His indifference a criminal concern
To anyone
His coarseness was as cold as ice
His cruelty did stun
Totally unconscious
Impervious to pain
inflicted on his victim
Who under went the strain

Of really being murdered
And having no chance at all
Being stabbed repeatedly
With all the blood and gall
Being terribly brutalised
By a coward dressed up in pink
Who needs a sabre up his arse
Just to make him think

And twist it when its up there
Let him fucking know
What its like to suffer
To fucking suffer so
Don’t put them on a pedestal
And laud over them by day
Giving them adoration
Get rid of them I say

The suffering was in his eyes
To endure this kind of pain
With hundreds of idiots cheering
At an animAl being slain
By the creepiest of blackguards
By the most evil of shits
That mournfulness I feel it
Deep inside of me its wits
Torn out of its gentle heart
And thrown into the air
By a criminal who should be locked up
And if I was fucking there

He would be, this is torture
Of a proud soul at the end
The anxiety was obvious
This bull was someones friend
Reaching desolation lost in bouts of woe
So Much botheration
With just no where to go

He had to be their sacrifice
To withstand their cutting ways
To listen to their happiness
Each pathetic phase
Doleful its the end game
Lamentable to hear
A bellyaching dying bull
Soon minus an ear
And using his dying body
To wipe away the blood
It all about the amusement
Of a demon in full flood

Spain you are a disastrous place
Your culture stinks to hell
The hideousness that happened there
No human soul could sell
This circus of deformity
And defacement at a stroke
The unlovely unhandsome shocking fellow
Really we could soak
Him now in his own bloody mess
As repellant as that feels
This bounder wants a hiding
Until he bloody well squeals

An obtrusive blatant arseole
A craven hearted troll
As insolent as the day is long
This creature has no soul
He alienates his thinking
His bitterness we feel
An aggressive nasty bugger
My blood boils now for real

If someone out there loves him
Some women holds him tight
I beg that Hathor comes for him
And does it one dark night
Cut his bloody penis off
And shoves it where it goes
He is an abomination
One of those so and so’s

I make no apology for this poem
Which gave me much anger to write after
Witnessing this evil

2 comments on “That matador wants his ears cut off along with his genitals

  1. Susan lane on said:

    WOW … awesome one Rex!!! THANK YOU.

  2. Rex tyler on said:

    Thanks Susan that short film touched my heart so deeply
    I could only see those eyes in my dreams that night and really there has not been any hours when I was alone driving or thinking that I didn’t feel
    That bull appealing to me to help him not for himself but for all the other bulls that may come behind him

    Its is so vile as to make me dig down deep to write that

    So thanks Susan thanks for feeling as I do. Xx

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