The periodic table of the elements
Have so much going for them but few see
The elements concerning our environment
They overlook the similarity
Calcium and Strontium are sisters
Potassium and Caesium are too
Iron and what is hell on earth Plutonium
And this is what true science now could do

Use what brains they have
That is an avenue
A spot of logic and a bit more care
In a world where bottom lines run riot
Science could pretend its everywhere
For where we grow our food
The soil is dying
Minerals all gone just years before
The supermarket moguls need big margins
And growers pay in blood for keeping score

It was NPK and Leibig on bis deathbed
He uttered those last words
And gave free reign
To toms to Dicks to harry’s
Yes to all of them
Who in so many words
Had lots to gain

But a tragedy exists for all and sundry
The agony is long and has no end
Cancer is advancing now unchallenged
In the etheric world i now suspend
Insidiously the sisters are advancing
Quietly they irradiate each cell
Colloidal and chelation have their place now
A resting place upon their road to Hell

The geneticists looked sheepishly
When asked what had they done
Alone in their laboratories
Away from light and the sun
They had worked like little ants they had
In the darkness they did creep
Emerging from their twilight world
With a perfect grown up sheep

As for radiation its everywhere it dire
Depleted uranium is in the shells they fire
On impact all that radioactive dust goes everywhere
You just have about enough time
To say out loud one prayer

Fracking thats the flavour of the month
For Camerons crowd
The bloody water coming back
Is like a sparking shroud
Another way of killing us
Get going right away
The illuminati want this
To pass the time of day

Fukushima is punching out the strontium galore
The fish and all the organisms
Along the Pacific shore
Are curling up and dying
The big ones beaching fast
With trittium and caesium
Yes our die is cast

If only we had brains to think
And stopped listening to those
Who profess to have a brain inside their heads
Those so and so’s
Who know just every bloody thing
And call the bloody tune
To be a baby in this world
It to wish for true death soon

For science is now corporate
Their money rules us all
Any negative research is shredded
On a call
Like teflon its then marketed
Appealing to our wit
Saying it will save our time
Of course yea total shit

Underneath the chemical skim
Is a carcinogenic prize
Scrape the aluminium off
Don’t listen to their lies
Those science bods about the place
Get no respect from me
They are just bloody robots
Consigned to history

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