Blood lions the movie

The film is a good one
And the fearlessness shown
ON booking a place
With canned hunting
Full blown

To have the audacity
The boldness the strain
To partner the drama
And really to gain

An insight directly
On the canned hunting clan
Where people who want to
experience can

But won’t make the time
To stalk and to hunt
And so want that kill
As a guaranteed punt

They want a package deal
All to their own
And thats what some supply
If you are hunting alone

A phone call away your money
Buys all
From arriving, to killing
To leaving long haul

Its all done and dusted
The taxidermy
All the forms
and the paperwork
Really thats key

From the first contact
The film crew followed
The realisation of how
Easy it is to murder an animal
Its all on offer right now

Nothings forgotten
Apart from compassion
That doesn’t get a look in
Its all about money
I know that sounds funny
But really its one dreadful sin

Deadly efficient the animals
Are dead meat, thats what its about
And Brand South Africa is feeling the pinch
As of course now its all coming out

captive bred Lions commercially bred
Its their purpose in life just to be shot dead
If it wasn’t for psychopaths running the show
Hunters would just have no place to go

Its all about trophies a fine scar free face
A long flowing mane all over the place
Mounted up on some trophy wall
Made to look great
This poor soul was farmed
At an alarming rate

Taken from its mother
At 3 weeks may be
And looked after by volunteers
Who come to see

Take them to bed with them
Cuddle them so
And all through their young lives
The humans they know

When the order comes through
And the hunter arrives
Some of them shoot like
A chimpanzee drives

They can’t see the target
And cannot therefore
Expect to hit a lion
Charging at them
Whats more

The king of the jungle
Gunned down like some rat
Groomed for destruction
Thats where they were at

We look at the set up
The lions on the bait
Take aim and fire
No need to wait

This majestic soul
Ends its days in this way
Not necessarily hit by the hunter
But he did pay

So he takes the trophy
He did his thing
With his great mastery
He shot the king

So its all over
He gets the head
The bones go to China
Another lion dead

Do all the paperwork
Shake hands and go
Canned hunting thats it
And it does grow

Then what we see
Shows a darkness plain sight
The farmer’s concern
That all is not right

And tells our man directly
If you came to be
A spy in the ring
I will kill, you will be

As dead as a dodo
That is for sure
Get out of here now
Or theres going to be war

With his cover blown
And the vituperate stance
He has now got to go
Not leave things to chance

He could not have pulled any trigger
At all
Not a innocent Lion up against
Every wall
Imaginable really its criminal stuff
And for those hunters doing it
They ought feel rough

Petted and pampered and caged
All their lives
Drugged up to the eyeballs
Nothing survives

The vile wretched tirade
These managing scum
Show their true colours
And boy they have some

South Africa says it is legally fine
Acceptable and authorised
Right down the line
Everyones passing the proverbial buck
And the hunters and the farmers
They don’t give a fcuk

And what is the future
What we have to do
Is carry on carrying on
For what is on view

Is complete brutality
Just nothing more
They all have their fingers
In the pie
Thats for sure

Not in my lifetime
Can I see a change
The danger spreads every where
It seems real strange

How one group can see it
As perfectly good
And another is mortified
Even thinking they could

I cant really see any light up ahead
Predator breeding
Has apparently led
Away from an ethic
That ought to be there
To a great big taboo
based around true despair.

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