Was he hogging the fast lane

A trailer turned over on a interstate today
2600 PIGLETS thats babies on their way
To slaughter without water
Babies that they were
Tiny little babies
And a lot of them did pay

Injured some they legged it
Others they were caught
This trailer was called PORK chop
A disrespectful thought
i don’t know what happened
But it slid upon its side
The piglets must have been beside themselves
With just no where to hide

Yule I expect that they were suckling pigs
Bound for a great rod
Pushed up through their bottom and through them
Call their god
And out through their little mouths
To be roasted on a spit
And instead they have been injured
On the interstate today
And that is it

Why cant people start to think
Why do they eat this way
Tiny babies loving life
And with it they must pay
For a moment of expectancy
Of their brittle skins and salt
Someone has to kick these people up their rotten arses
And get them somehow to hear as i shout HALT!

Stop this fucking madness stop it right Way
Little babies deserve a life
Not killed on the motorway
In a truck called pork chop ignorants
Thats what humans are
Transporting tiny babies to their deaths
However far!

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