The solstice animals

The indigenous peoples
Have always known
And respected the souls
That they have sown

In the earth
to enrich their soil
To create new life
And enrich the oil

Their toil accepted
Their flesh devoured
Their skins became
Clothes that powered

Their spirit to work
In the densest frost
To feed their families
At whatever cost

The indigenous people
Have always known
What those in their houses
Who sadly have grown

Less close to the earth
In their brick built sphere
Usurping the oil and the gas
Its clear

Taking the animals
Baking them whole
No ritual for each one
with a soul

Just pay the price
to the butcher who will
Butcher another
more blood they will spill

There is no respect
And whatever is used
The rest of the carcass
is often abused

It become the waste
that is thrown away
The solstice animals
so to say

Give up their lives
on a whim of desire
And spawn more maggots
From their fire

This historic battle
And due respect
Has run away
I do detect

Its become a business
for corporate gain
To market the animals
and increase their pain

To have no respect
whatsoever and try
To speed up the process
of life till they die

Its now one of profit
and animals are
Bred for the pot not a life
So far

Removed from
the indigenous way
Of sharing and caring
so all of us pay

And from all this cruelty
what we see
Are a band of angels
flying free

The vegan tribes
who forgo the treat
Who can live in their minds
without the meat

Without the bodies
without the souls
In a spiritual sense
in their controls

A thought out destiny
based on care
For all the earthlings
that dare to share

A rich new life
a sharing of soul
And a life force based
on a loving goal

Inspired by the solstice animals written by
John Matthews chapter 5 front page

One comment on “The solstice animals

  1. Alexia Abnett on said:

    The old ways have no say anymore. The world is all about money and greed.

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