The redwood city monster

In Redwood City California
A monster is on the loose
Its hard to imagine a human
Other than hanging by a noose
Contemplating such an act
Of terror on a cat
By dying it purple
For the express reason
To show it where its at

To engender this kind of malevolence
This spitefulness and pain
To be so bloody bitter
To be in fact insane
The viciousness of abusing
A kitten in this way
Giving the kitten to a dog
and expecting it to play

Encouraging a dog
To toss to grind its canine teeth into
A beautiful little animal
A vindictive bastard who
needs to be found and fucking well
In a pot of super glue

Some might say I am a bit extreme
They are entitled to their idea
But doing what this sod did to the cat
It really isn’t clear

Of whats next on their agenda
It doesn’t bear thinking about
Clearly unhinged is an understatement
Of what they are about

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