The draize test

I have big eyes
But I cannot cry
And I cannot blink
But I can sigh
To tell the truth
i do not lie
To the corporations
Tell me why
Since you know
Tear ducts for me
I was not given
Making my eyes sore
Makes me feel
The corporations
Are far from real
Their contempt for me
Is disdainful stuff
And I for one have
Had enough

Just a furry bunny
Agony really
And damnation
Why do they squirt
This in our eyes
This behaviour it defies
Sanity it seems to me
Where now can it be

Empathy for one so small
Being driven up the wall
Forced to suffer eternal pain
And have it done again And again
Makes no sense no none at all
I beg you listen to our call

We may rabbit a lot but you are failing us

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