Polio and the monkeys

Often people talk down karma
Life means nothing they
Know what it means for them of course
But for the animals they abuse and kill
no way!

They are surplus experiments
They may have families too
But who cares about animals
Science fuck off will you
For of course they are the brainy ones
When they say yes is no
We all go along them
They are the gods we know

Well animals have families
Animals procreate
Animals have children
Animals use fate
So when we go and kill them
Others they will grieve
fathers brothers
And sisters I believe

SALK had murdered 17,000 monkeys
Developing his vaccine so to say
17,000 families had lost fathers or lost mothers
Their babies probably starved to death
To pay

A terrible price, but Salk he was a scientist
He wore a white coat
He was seen as GOD
Living polio virus was his answer
And our antibody creation was his god

The living polio virus he accepted
He would poison that with formaldehyde
He Was an amazing upright scientist
He wore a white coat and when he wanted to he just denied

400,000 children in America
Could have been your babies
Lovely souls
All injected 3 times with a dose of his vaccine
Then they carefully looked at the controls

And only 112 of them got polio,
They might have been your sweet children too

But Salk was pleased
You could say he was overjoyed
The problem was his ego was on fire
For he employed
Liars to count figures
Idiots abroad
They didn’t count the figures properly
Didn’t include all the cases
Really it was a price they couldn’t afford

They Jumped the gun, fucked up in fact
For it went pear shaped you see
Lots more children contracted it
Thousands actually

More than 60 per cent could have contracted it
Polio from his vaccine so to say
But he preferred to claim some other figure
clearly there was a shit storm on the way

Polio had really been a horror
Infectious virus did apparently
Not act up like this particular virus
Apparently The Koch Postulates Agree

The DDT facts of death had all been circulated
Lots of talk and pressure seemingly
It wasn’t helping anyone to carry on still using it
Which even the god doctors did agree
So by that time polio cases were reducing
DDT was clearly in the frame
They were making profits from the paranoia
So why not change the word polio its fair game

Why not change the name and if they did that
Say that they have cleared up the disease
When really in a nutshell that was bollocks
Acute flaccid Paralysis is growing
Massage all the figures if you will
Big pharmA or big harmer
Couldnt master it the evidence was clearly
All there still

Thousands of children suffered in this process
The wrong vaccines were given to them all
They don’t care about animals
They don’t care about children
But They do care about profits
If they fall

That is what its all about exactly
All the figures All the hangers on
Most were man made disasters
The god folk didnt care
The children and the monkeys
They were made aware

How do you make the vaccine
Is it in chickens eggs
Or Human placental cells
Grown in some dish
Or the cells of wild caught monkeys
A rhesus type was used
This was Salk and Sabin’s honest wish

Found in the temples out in Northern India
Their kidneys were ideal for they were large
They could grow their viruses on these organs
About 54,000 camouflage
the figure somehow just in case
The AR folk find out
All flown via London what total horror
Half of them died on route
Yes and yet more doubt

Wellcome wanted the chicken egg production
But that was over ruled and monkeys
Used instead
Thats where they grew their vaccines
But many of those monkeys in transit yea already wound up dead

Bernice Eddy made the shocking discovery
But was shut up by her employers right away
In 1959 she went and tested them
And 20 out of 23 did pay
By getting tumours big ones very quickly
And Salks preparation was now seen
To be infecting Hamsters this was serious
And The use and fucking reasoning obscene

And the whole SALK vaccine programme was ineffective
Many still got polio and so
Really it was worthless it caused so many problems
Its only sad the children and their parents didn’t know

Then came the sabin oral
The Same thing was discovered
Live polio virus caused the problem they
Oncogenic properties were present
Too dangerous and must be done away

Bu nobody stopped the programme or told the public
They didn’t want to panic anyone
They also wanted to earn their vile blood money
Like they had in fact already done

They kept using it right up till 1961
Knowing it was dangerous anyway
Its all about the profit they were making
They wanted really just to pay their way

Its horrid stuff and proves you cannot trust them
Liars they were liars from the start
They spread this filthy virus all around the world
Karma though would hit them in the heart

And now the illuminati are progressing
The new world order’s this and so
Chem trails and more vaccinations are
Being used so numbers do not grow
Population is being controlled like crazy
Well Flu and shingles its rampant didn’t you know

Advertised in surgeries by letters in the mail
Announced over the tannoy in Sainsbury’s
You can’t fail
In BOOts its bloody everywhere
Come and get your shot
For when you get the symptoms
It will weaken you a lot

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