Mother and child and a promise from the gods

Senseless is that really the word to be used here
A mother with her baby cut from ear to ear
The insanity, the madness mentally they are gone
The obsession its inexplicable and unfathomable such a con

To gun down a nursing mother for her horn
Are they so thick?
As this its made of keratin
they are so missing a trick
And for this the unintelligible murder her it pales
Into insignificance to be so far off the rails

Its about the wishful thinking that our nails are cure alls they
Are also made of keratin the con goes on all day
The poacher and the traditional Chinese Medicine brigade
All conning the patient of course their stock in trade

Who are so disingenuous exaggerating the potency
Of a toe nail as a cure all and stolen so intolerably
To vent your bold offensive on a very caring mother
Protecting her sweet flesh and blood
Beleaguered like no other

The arena is where she was placed
Creation left her there
Imagine her uneasiness
Her vast stoked up despair

As you tortured her and injured her
You killed her just to learn
She leaves behind her little one
Expecting you to turn

The baby into mincemeat too
Its hard to come to terms
With the ugliest monsters any where
Whose brains are housing worms

Her wailing awoke the angels
In whatever heaven they
Were sleeping such tear shedding
Would be going on all day

The hopelessness and despondency
That nobody would send
The fear of that dear baby
As it met its end
From those cowardly door mat gutter tramps
Who would run if a mouse roared
Shuddering in their sandals
Completely overawed

There is no where left on this earth
For a bunch of shits like you
Every eye now concentrates
No one is clueless to

Your complete and ugly constancy
Your malignant vile intent
Your wrathfulness and rancour
And truly we are bent

On trying to encourage everyone
Who knows where you
Are today wherever you may hide
You are in full view

Such fucking indignation
I carry with me tonight
Blood thirsty and ill wishing
That you be struck with blight
Let it riddle fast your organs
Humanity stands fast
That Rhino and her baby
Will hopefully be the last

Victims in this scenario
For the gods are after you
Nemesis and more besides
Are ganging up its true
And when they strike
You best realise
You will never breathe again
And a thousand years of agony
Will be nothing to your pain

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