The plight of WILD animals in circus

Wild animals
In Circus
So topical of course
An Elephant chained in a cage
A Tiger feel their force of Nature
Feel their boredom
The frustration of it all
And all that transportation
Up and down the ramps
And we fall!

We slip
And feel the
A bull hook
Its what Circus has become
It works with time
We are expected to climb
We are arthritc
And exhausted
No exercise
No play
No wild food
Lack of sunshine
And truthfully its no way

Such a huge price this captivity
And getting to know the job
We all have lost our freedom
And Failing to hear us sob
The vagaries of circus
Suffering on the road
The dietary frustrations
And such a heavy load

Having to perform
In an alien place
Its dark its cold its stress
Life is at a pace
Out of tune with our psyche
With our being, the disgrace
We cannot ever get use to it
All along the way
Its noisy
Its damp
And a long greasy ramp
Can make an Elephant pay
keeping them in a circus

Really I am torn
Between a rock and a hard place
Its not where we were born
We suffer we really suffer
For us its no brand new dawn

If we could only beg you
We would, we really would
Its close now to purgatory
Really if we could
We would show you with such vigour
With such passion why we feel
Circus life can never be a place
Where we reveal

Anything but boredom
From depression and from pain
Our Eternity is apparently
Being closer to insane
Everything you dwell on
Is negativity
I beg you please exclude us
From what is depravity

The pressure on our bodies
The frantic state of mind
What is expected of us
And is therefore underlined
Is we must strive to follow
In each others footsteps here
And trumpet when we are told to
And thats made very clear

Its cruel we are bloodied often
Our feet cut up and raw
With no fresh food to speak of
We contend with natural law
Its not nutrition its sedition
Its such torture to go on
All the fun of the circus
I wish it all was gone.

And you three you could do it
All you have to say
Is no to us wild animals
In circus, and that day

You would feel the mass epiphany
As paradise became
A feature of our existence
Yes dear sirs the same
This all may feel just juvenile
But let me say to you
Many of us are old in the tooth
And expecting us to do

What circus wants
Is crazy
Its terribly unfair
Sometimes I cant raise my back legs
Any bloody where
Let alone climb on a stool
And balance its not on
You have to find it in your hearts
To let us rest upon
Some soft hay in a sanctuary
Just anywhere but here
From Travelling daily from town to town
And living in such

Written to Andrew Rosindell MP
Mr Christopher Chope MP
Mr Philip Davies MP

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