Dr. Singleton and his wonderful team

Oil for ape/tiger scandal
Vegans especially do not buy into
The corporate greenwash about the environment
The animals and their conflicts re profit
Many deal with illegal loggers and
Malaysia and Indonesia are being ravaged by them
Thousands of animals being killed

Linked to species extinction
And of course to corporate greed
Habitat loss
Is terrible
Its like a great big bleed

Then an oxygenation struggle
The earths lungs so to say
Are honestly now being damaged
Every single day

Smashed down logged out illegal stuff
Its Happening everywhere
Orangutans are dying they are suffering
Such despair

In the tall trees
In the The canopy is where they live their life
Please its true
Please listen
Can’t you hear their strife

Toppled off their falling trees
To be injured on the ground
Shot some many many times
Can’t you hear the sound

They are screaming
Listen carefully
Crying out that we
Save them save their habitat
And don’t cut down every tree

Ask Dr Singleton and his team
So many they have found
So very many injured
Starving on the ground

That has become his lifes work
Thats what They do all day
Rescue and rehabilitate
For thats the only way

But working in the forest
Is dangerous thats for sure
The loggers do not want them there
Its an illegal war

Raging in the forests
And the animals living there
Are dying in their hundreds
And of course that isn’t fair

Rescuing them and treating them
Nursing them back to health
Finding buddies for them
Providing them with a wealth

Of reasons to go somewhere else
Another forest where
Hopefully the lovely trees
They can safely share

Ethics plays a massive part
In protection now today
The corporates dont care one hoot
Which animals they slay

Tigers there are tigers roaming
But my dears not for mm long
The great big metal dinosaurs
Are coming however wrong

So to go and buy this corporate crap
Is not the thing to do
Checking out the labels
And believing they are true

They are not no one now really
Can guarantee what they
Are harvesting where it comes from
And who the hell did pay

And its not just animals suffering
Insects birds reptiles
But also the
indigenous kicked off their farms
And Miles, and miles and miles
Of rainforest destruction
Women raped and killed
reality is violence
So much blood being spilled

They tell you its sustainable
Thats the joke of the year
Those living out there
Are suffering living in such fear

So dont buy into green wash
Be selective yea be cool
Select fresh food in season
as a general rule

All these pastries and processed food
They might be vegan but they
Are the cause of the planets sickness
On the ground today

Buy organic and buy in season
And leave the green wash stuff
On the shelves to rot there
Tell them we have seen enough

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