The Navajo Nation and the gold king mine

They fail to understand
And they truly fail to care
They never knew the indigenous
Were really ever there
300 abandoned hard rock mines
The upper animus sites
Private federal and state land
And now of course it blights

The future for these people
Who farm and live their lives
The bureaucratic negligence
They still ride with long knives
Heavy metals contaminate
The river that they use
Lead and arsenic and so much more
Obama does abuse

The great Navajo Nation
Sitting on your hands
The EPA and all the rest
They do not win many fans
America can send its drones
And million of dollars to
Kill and maim the people
So what does it plan to do

In Silverton Colorado
Forested valleys where
Families work their butts off
And the Navajo all share
The bounty for their children
And the pollen of the corn
They are so dedicated
But now their hearts are torn

A’sunder they are broken
All they worked at looks to be
Ruined by these mine workings
Back in history
Toxic waste is flowing
The earth’s bowels choking smell
Has reached the animus river
Bringing with it Hell

Farmers need to irrigate
People need to drink
They farm to enrich their lives each day
And now are on the brink
The EPA has taken blame
But hasn’t done a thing
“Talk it doesn’t cook the rice”
And it doesn’t bring

Anyone to their senses
For what we have here we
Can see the great tsunami
Of absolute agony
Its hitting the indigenous
The tribes who work away
Keeping the sanity in the earth
Every single day

The great mother
Returns the favour
Respect is what they do
America shows scant respect
The tears flow which is true
Each family will be lost
And this great nation will feel sore
Our mother must be respected
Her love we shan’t ignore

Erin Brockavitch is on the case now
Her spirit and her wise heart hopefully
Will get some movement from the various committees
And hope her contamination levels plea
Is heard and acted upon for its essential
This purgatorial mass cuts through the hope
These people are the backbone of existence
And with this evil nobody could cope

FEMA have denied them emergency cover
With carcinogens now flushing through their fields
Where is Obama hiding in the white house
What the hell does he know about yields
About feeding a community of people
Everything is brought now to his door
And these brave people were the first of many
To manage and respect all natural law

They sculpted out a future for the earth we see
Such work they did preparing as they go
To find their livelihood destroyed and poisoned
The bowels have opened and the shit does flow
America must stand by its commitment
To help its people stand up and be seen
The indigenous first people are their saviours
They have served their masters and have remained green

Crops are their reliance and their income
Spiritually their ceremonies all try
To re balance the world that they inherited
Not sit about and not just wait to die
Sacred offerings its their tradition
Handed down respect ancestors who
Took these rocks and carved them into treasure
With broken backs they all worked long and true

Now look around the vast kept fields of plenty
Excruciating torrents rumble on
A Filthy dirty toxic soup of ugliness
The hope they worked their lives for
All but gone
Their tears their heart break all their sweat
And vibrance
Lost in these great clouds of puke and more
The Navajo are fighting for their survival
And Their enemy are the same as they were before

We must stand with our sisters and brothers
And fight for what is right
Rex tyler

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