The moles of Roll Right

In subterranean channels and tunnels
I believe
A colony of magnificent moles work hard
To achieve
What we might think impossible
To shore up all the stones
Keep them from toppling over
Kind of organic bones

All those many centuries
Ago a witch came by
She had a word with a certain King
And his soldiers standing by
Below the ground were magnificent moles
Who merged into the mold
But Lived deep down where the oxygen
Was reduced as was the cold

Molly mole and polly mole
Now live at No. 1
Its a subterranean pent house
With earthworms on tap
So fun
At no 2 sweet marion mole
She can’t See very much
But shes the touchy feely sort
So she always stays in Touch
At no 3 old Michael mole
And his wife miriam they
Both are excellent swimmers
Or so the life guards say

Then there is a community
Of 50 moles who stay
Building tunnels for their houses
Every flipping day
Selling earthworm larders
And harvesting them as well
Skinned or whole or by the pound
They really do sell

These roll right moles
Love where they live
For the tory trolls oft come
Get tanked up on vermouth
And boy you must drink some
To flatten you completely
To have you on your back

Its just a simple poem
No tears I hear today
But they have a vast metropolis
Down here or so some say
Grandfather worms and garden worms
Thats mostly what they eat
Stretching out in their loam of earth
To make them taste so sweet

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