last evening my little Sable
Passed over
She had been ill for sometime
Her life of clover
Extinguished somewhat
When her best friend Max passed on
They slept together all their lives
And suddenly he was gone

I found her sleeping with him
Dead he was and cold
She was snuggling up to him
Together as good as gold
She never really recovered
From that I have to say
She wandered around for a month or so
But grew thinner by the day

And yesterday her suffering
Was ended, she did fly
To the rainbow bridge
Beyond the forest
over the bluest sky
And I came back from the veterinary
Down those winding lanes
The wind was blowing really hard
Blood coursing through my veins

I had become quite tearful
For she had been with me
A lot of years she was tiny
A bedraggled soul but she
Was a fighter she was a battler
She was tenacious through and through
She was my black cat and I loved her
I loved her all through

The last few months i nursed her
Washed her bottom she
had grown
Tired of that seemingly
So it was down to me
To wash her mouth after eating
And her bottom too
And comfort her and love her
As anyone would do

In these few months I got to know
Her even more, for she
Let me do it and I did it
Really so gently
A lady cat a mysterious soul
A loner in many ways
A black cat with deep sunken eyes
Worthy of such praise

She was trying to tell me lots and lots
But I really didn’t know
she was giving me messages
But I wasn’t in the flow
I was nursing her and helping her
But couldn’t really see
What inside was bothering her
And now she has gone she will be

Hopefully much more comfortable
And at rest perhaps she will
Leap about as she use to
Her little room is still
I have spent some time this morning
On clearing and washing her place
Putting a bunch of rosemary
In her favourite place

Last evening i went to my dear friend
Claudia who knew
She invited me to come to tea
Which I always love to do
And whilst we sat and pondered
A door opened just behind
With no reason it opened again it did
And suddenly to find
A beautiful butterfly black and red
In November on the wall
She flew around one last look
Was it sable’s spirit call

We caught her and we let her go
To fly into the night
Believing that her spirit
Had kept my car in sight
Through those many winding lanes
Had followed me and she
Took one last look and was off
To the rainbow bridge
Where she may be

The passing of our little angels
She was 21
old as cats go so I hear
But she was so much fun
Solemn since her Max had passed
But very close to me
With great long claws
That caused me quite a lot of agony

Now I have to lay her to rest
And in the rain
I must dig a grave close to sweet Max
I feel the life force drain
She is in a blanket
And soon I will inter
Strew her with green rosemary
And place this poem on her fur

She used to purr so loudly
And had a wild wolf cry
She would sit up on the roof
And howl
And I never really knew why

But now she has gone
And my final act is to bury her and say
I always loved you Sable
And I will never forget you


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