“Lolita” 48 years in a watery grave

Kidnapped from her family
When she was 4 years old
Imagine the stress that caused her
And to just be sold
A slave to man un kind
Whose corporate dealings
Sicken me
They are a heartless bunch of sods
With full on mendacity

And now a federal appeals court
Rules she is just fine
A tiny tank in which she swims
Doesn’t violate no sign
There from these insensitive
Legal brains perhaps
But compassion for a prisoner
They keep that under wraps

A sea pen would be what she needs
Give the old girl some hope
Palace Entertainment
Have been given enough rope
The judge won’t budge
Thats because the judge
Cannot comprehend the pain
Amusement parks and a management sharks
Whose want is to attain

As much hard gelt as possible
And this orca lady she
Provides the interest thereabouts
Enslaved oh yes she be
75 miles or so she would
Have swum the sea each day
And in this bloody goldfish bowl
Hardly the light of day
To give her any zest for life
A seaquarium of sorts
She is looking so unwell
And is in our thoughts

Miami Sea aquarium
Listen to them bark
At their moronic visitors
Now making their mark
Telling many inaccuracies
Laughably wrong and dim
Total hell is guaranteed
When Living on the rim

Lolita we must cry for her
She is now consigned to death
Left there because some arse judge
Will not share the breath
That he was born with, with the
Great cetacean who
was kidnapped
All those years ago
And each day is more blue

Her family are still out there
Calling, they know she
Is holed up in the concrete
In what is a travesty
There really is no judgement
And no justification for
Enslaving a proud orca
And feeding her with gore

Dead fish just no vibrancy
No life force anymore
In a sterile container
In her own piss yes be sure
This is now her end game
And the corporation must
One day find their own life path
And this fill me with disgust

To cream off massive profits
From a prison and victims who
Never did you any harm
You purchased them, its true
You acted in bad faith you did
Slavery began you were party to it
When your souls went down the pan

You directors you will suffer
That judge who ere he be
He is going to suffer
The gods now in the sea
Will come at night to bathe them
In the salty seas of woe
And I for one will not be sad
To see this facility go

Lolita you have consigned her
To a life without love true
She was taken from her family
Snatched the lot of you
Party to this criminality
Yes all of you
And keeping her in this forever tank
Please Be sure we do

Know your last decision
To keep her where she be
Not transfer to retirement
In a pen out in the sea
This was your latest error
And the terror it is here
Frankly I am lost for words
And For to me it all is clear

The judge who ever he be
And the CEO Mr Fernando Eiroa of Palace Entertainment
If you sleep at night
I am sorry because a lonely orca cries
Her eyes Our for her family and a life you stole from her
And you fail even after 48 years to let her have back
You will suffer in your next lives thats for certain

2 comments on ““Lolita” 48 years in a watery grave

  1. Fleur Shack on said:

    Thank you for this tribute to this grand
    lady of the seas – Lolita. I wish we could
    free her. She must be so lonely not having
    seen her family for 48 years… It is criminal
    to imprison these intelligent souls. I hope
    the rest of the world who know her will
    speak for her…..

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Thankyou for writing to me prisoners for so long I expect philosophy plays a part in lolita’s life
      But humans have learned so little of her true sadness

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