Monthly Archives: November 2015

Whalers take heed

Anonymous remains out in the shadows In full sight Watching when the harpoons sink Into the flesh the blight That resembles so much evil Into Fin Whales lost and maimed Iceland is a culprit Who really must be blamed Japan … Continue reading

Snow drop

She dances like snow falling Out of a blue sky Her perfect body lithe and taut One look and of course, I sigh Alone beside her photo Letting the hours pass on Watching her be the light I need Until … Continue reading

Why the animals?

Ferocious the expression The violence of it all The strenuous emotions Are Never going to fall Foul to all the sordidness For otherwise we may Create a world of ugliness Where animals all pay Those on farms That no one … Continue reading

The last day of november

A sky of bluish grey That overwheelms the spirit day A spidery Beech may over reach Its spangled strutting way It searches theough the sky above Throws up its arms and shouts Remembering when all its leaves Were falling around … Continue reading


Hunters when they are American or from the Western places They can wear their camouflage And show their pretty faces But those who call it bush meat Killing gorillas bonobo’s and more They stalk in the darkness On the jungle … Continue reading

The Navajo Nation and the gold king mine

They fail to understand And they truly fail to care They never knew the indigenous Were really ever there 300 abandoned hard rock mines The upper animus sites Private federal and state land And now of course it blights The … Continue reading

Eden in Africa

Eden in Africa 2 freaks with hooks Beating an elephant baby It looks Terribly painful And surely it is What frightful cowards they are I am in a tizz A state of confusion Eden it be Where all of creation … Continue reading

The hunter and his gun

A shotgun or a scatter gun Shooting different sized lead balls Greatly increases the weapons potential And goes against some rules Close up they are effective But of course further away The pattern may not all hit the target And … Continue reading

NZ dairy Fonterra

Squeaky clean New Zealand Has somehow got away With making all its Bobby calves into victims everyday Milk designed for baby calves Is sold and fed to you So as the nasty dairy trade Does what it wants to do … Continue reading

18/12/2015 a message to the dolphins

990 feet once one swum Down in the depths Having some fun The Bottlenose does not have to be As deep in the water around Taiji And thats a shame For monsters there The taiji fishermen Spell despair Their rank … Continue reading