Why be a dick?

Medicines do nothing
For a body that is sick
And drugs are bloody useless
Why are you such a dick?
To listen to those white coats
Peddler’s of them who
Get their kick back quietly
And, smile at you too

Vaccines are one method
Of giving you some pain
Giving you some mercury
And formaldehyde, the gain
Is for the pharmaceuticals
And the surgery
Who get a shock of profit
From now where you all be

The chemtrails
The fluoridated water
The amalgum in your teeth
Coughing out the mercury
Be sure order your wreath
Medicines do nothing
Except, keep you sick
And drugs are bloody useless
So don’t be such a dick

Just stay really positive
Drive those blues away
Eat food thats in season
And chew it well okay
Leave the computer out of where
You are eating
Let it rest
Stay focused on your digestion
For you that will be best

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