Prisoners, we create so many
From animals who once were wild
The elephants chained to a wall
Fully grown but as a child
Looking sad and so frustrated
Beaten when it suits until
Once they were happy in their jungle
Now they pray for their last pill

A pill thats sends them to the death camps
Far away from all this pain
The animals are far From joyous
And they never will come back again

Behind our bars they know they are captive
Their freedom stolen long ago
Split up from their precious families
The great apes mirror all we know
No trees to climb just laboratories
Where surgeons work to delve and see
What affects do the chemical have
Do they burn how can they be

When they scream and scream they do
Nobody cares no not a jolt
This is what life is
To be an animal
In the human world,their result

Animals we are experiments
Circus performers prisoners too
A natural life is not our calling
That is not what we should do

To live here we must work the journey
Strive to thrive in agony
Hours of passage for live exports
Really does it have to be
Just that awful
And the slaughterhouses now
Have no respect for our intention
Why would we want to be a cow

A bull in Spain another torture
Bred to kill within the ring
Tortured daily before it happens
And To Always be the underling
Stabbed and poked destroyed in moments
Fighting back an option we
Will nit get unless we are lucky
And only then temporarily

To see that dressed up man of colours
Lying prostrate in
the dust
Gives the dying bull an exit
One last diabolical thrust

Prisoners they create so many
Animals who once were wild
Until their habitats were stolen
And their families were defiled
The majestic Orca’s thrown in tanks
Swimming daily in their blood
Choking on each others passion
Drowning in each others flood

And then of course the elegant dolphin
Finds herself out in Taiji
In a chaos of true thunder
Where their pipes should never be
Driven hard like wolves a running
Trapped and beaten hour on hour
The Japanese those vilest monsters
So exert their awful power

The sea runs red with blood and sinew
More screams more pain its everywhere
In this world of cruelty
Of trepidation and despair
Feeling sad and so frustrated
Beaten when its suits until
Once so happy in the ocean
Now we pray for our last pill

Pith us fast we beg you do it
Let our sad eyes close and soon
Where our gods were they have left us
In a world beyond the moon
How we cry of this indulgence
How we cry to see our worth
Animals are purely slaves
To every bugger on this earth


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