Experimentation for your household goods

What a sad and unforgiving system
TORY Toffs Home Office fails to be
Compassionate on animals
Still serving as their guinea pigs
Cats and dogs and monkeys they all see

The likes of corporations testing toxics
Washing up liquid polish still can be
Forced fed down their throats
To cause them seizures and
Internal bleeding too is what we see

They rub it on their shaved backs
Causing rashes
And even if they do not die
They get
Murdered thats the way of testing animals
Fuck them up
And make them pay the debt

Experimentation in these vast great
White coated zombies
Perform the vilest stuff
Its happening every day
They then toss them away
And all I say is I have seen enough!

Science its called science
Its without all empathy
Sicko’s really heartless rogues
Total cruelty

All behind closed doors it happens
So no one sees the pain
No one even cares about their torment
The insane
Science of the corporates
Who pay to have it done
Continually abusing the animals for fun

Cage them beat them torture them
And the general public pay
Pay to keep these bastards in work
Oh such dismay!

BUY leaping bunny cruelty free products
so you save a few pence and the animals lose their lives
So nothing is cheap is it

Story in ethical consumer nov/dec 2015 out now

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