Slaughtering how does it affect them

There is nothing thats ordinary
About the slaughter man
His work is killing animals
And of him I am no fan
A killing man can not sit on a jury
For murder that indeed is true
The law sees him as somebody
That we cannot regard
As being balanced really in his view

The resemblance of animals to humans
In what life means to them we have to say
Anyone employed to slaughter any soul
Cannot be expected right a way
To Not believe equivalence is likely
And by that standard objective couldn’t be
Of course there is a parallel forthcoming
And murder is murder obviously

The lack of understanding of another
The realisation of the need to be
The cause that can foreshadow an agenda
Outcome issue eventuality
The violence that is everywhere and no where
The turbulence and storminess around
A rampage to a realm of some uncertainty
How can we go over the same ground

Surely it would influence our thinking
Lead us to the edge where we might leap
Lost in a great gravity of wondering
And an inquest really where we ought to sleep
The magic of the martyrdom is relevant to everyone
Those that sow a lot are bound to see
Feel the trepidation of the nervous system failing
And reach into a tangibility

Animation long lived and symbiotic
The science of the mind the image we
See in ideas posted where they can be seen
The neglect and inactivity
An unsound mind delivers its true idiocy
Demented and unhinged along the way
The thoughts of true amazement
That comes into fruition
That works its way across
The shade of day
Slaughter men and butchers took the can back
As hunters and as poachers they became
Everything that was bad about the world today
But nobody was prepared to take the blame

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