The matador what was it for

The Spanish call it pageantry
Culture and the rest
As arrogance creeps into the affair
Its bound to test
The bull without exception
The matador of course
He feel he has the nobleness
The distinction and the force

He has the special lineage
The baronial appeal
As for the bulls the vanquished souls
They are brought to heel
The lesser breeds the animals
Watch Lorenzo Sanchez, he
Parades about in front of a bull
Just you look at me

In my gold regalia
I have nobility
And you, you brutal bulky ox
You see how wise I be
The bull is hurt and dying
The spears and knives all be
His blood is surely seeping
His strength is too and we

Can feel his inner valour
At the mans audacity
The arrogance and foolhardiness
Treating him with flippancy
Clearly a craven hearted fool
He shows pure disrespect
And needs a lesson in his life
To kind of interject

Head down horns out he rumbles
Forward and he aims
All his power into the body
He controls these games
Such an unbelievable power surge
He throws the matador
Up and over and down to the ground
Imagining how sore

That was going to make him
Physically and he
May also feel it spiritually
He lies broken for all to see
Not moving for an instant
Repaid, for his sin
With the aid of karma
And the audience’s din

Lorenzo Sanchez suffers
And some of us might say
Good good that he suffers
Man un kind must pay
For the evil for the unfairness
For the ugly sinful way
Bulls are treated in the ring
Of death most every day

I have not a gram of sympathy
Only for the bull
These men who wear their silks and satins
Swollen heads all full
Of little but the shamelessness
And grandiosity
Of parading around a ring of sand
For all the world to see

The gaudiness the glitter
The pageantry and pomp
The self important stature
The ostentatious romp
The foppish gaudy garments
And insolence they serve
Insulting the brave bull
Seen brandishing his loss of nerve

The bounce the swank the heroics
Then spread eagled in the muck
The crowd is hushed a moment
I could’t care a fuck
I want to see those braggarts
Lying bleeding too
This is never sport nor entertainment
Thats my view

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