The chicken exterminator

I look at this video
At the operatives there
Loading the shackles
The machine of despair
Its all done in front of the live birds
Who see
Whats happening there
And how it will be

The men can I call them that
Clearly they tick
A lot different to some
In fact I feel sick
That there is such a machine
Designed and made
To slaughter the millions
In the meat trade

Its hideousness its gracelessness too
Its uglification and grotesque what we do
The meat trade went after
A machine that would kill
My goddess the thrill
To me its repellent
That we have become
So unprepossessing
So terribly numb

To what now is happening
Where compassion is filed
Away in the darkness
Someone has dialled
The chip does the sorting
And the chickens all die
Shackled and murdered
As they roll by

Its just vulgarity
Its not what you do
Its not even humane
And that this is true
Just show me what bad taste
It all has become
Blatant and obtrusive
We are under the thumb

Of monsters and we are the gullible fools
We give them support the birds
Hang on their walls
Poor wretched souls who have given
Their all
To be rewarded like this
To appal

Anyone who does this crippling fact
And some of you christ help you
How you react
I might stop eating you might my god
The meat trade are devils
The fear of the rod
The terror those chickens feel
They each have hearts
Slung around lifted and chucked on those carts
These are alive
They have thoughts they do care
And we treat them like so much shit
We are not aware

We turn away we cant watch
Now What they do
We provide the money
In profits perhaps you
And you turn away
Let it happen and more
Millions are murdered
You can be sure

By these unthinking robotic
Arses called men
Inglorious characters
God help them when
Their time comes for the death bell to hear
Maybe they will be shackled in fear

The way it is going with no care around
With killing machines
Where millions are drowned
In their own blood and then thrown on a cart
And posted on face book
For those with a heart
To comment upon and then go on their way
Ordering a bucket of chicken today

The chickens have feelings
If you have ever been near
To chickens like I have they cry and they fear
And they love and they are alive just like you
They breathe and they shit
All those things they do

This fucking machine
And who ever designed
The farm who installed it
The cheques that they signed
All of them guilty as charged
Now by me
Its murder its shameful
And so unworthy

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