A gentle boy
The family’s pride and joy
Our dear T-bone
Its a matter of regret to say
How much we miss our boy today

Samantha and Cody loved him so
He was always there
As we all know
So friendly and so loyal was he
And was loved by Brittany
And her 3 children for he cared
Part of the family
And always shared

His love for us he showed it, and we
Loved his emotionality
Playing ball he loved that game
We would Throw it and he would want to claim
Go and fetch it and bring it back
Wet and squashy or on his jack
He would play with it he would chew and chew
Thats what T-bone liked to do

A dog is part of the family
And he lets you know that obviously
He was always there with a wagging tail
Those great big eyes he would never fail
To greet us with his loving soul
He would entertain us out on a stroll

And when we heard what the neighbour had done
Shot our T-bone and our fun
He had taken away had removed him, he
Would no longer come back tragically
Our darling T-bone he was gone
To the rainbow bridge perhaps upon
It now he stands with his wagging tail
And his sweet demeanour for he won’t fail

Wherever he goes his joy goes too
And we miss him so oh yes we do
It is so final one moment he
Is dashing about for all to see
The next he was gone
He has been returned
In a plastic bag
Thats how we learned
Eternal sleep would be his today
Though his soul will never go away

Pulling a trigger on some soul why
We ask ourselves daily as do I
We Really don’t want to admit he’s gone
And will no longer sit upon

Or try to sit upon my lap
He would sleep sometimes
And he would yap
Having a dream twitching away
T-bone really loved to play

Jerry Baker the man next door
He has dogs so he knows the law
He knew T-bone and knew how he
Ticked he just could never be
An aggressive dog he was friendly, he
Was as affable as you or me
Excitable sometimes we all are but he
Would just settle down so peacefully

A noble hound was T-bone, he
Had a lovely ancestry
He just got on with everyone
On rainy days he was our sun
A precious jewel yes we can say
Who brought his happiness to play

We buried him out in the yard
With a pillow and his ball, it was so hard
To see him there his eternal sleep
Made everyone of us just weep
He looked at us though he was still
Why Jerry baker had to kill
Our pretty boy our family friend
Why Jerry Baker had to end

Such a worthy life such a lovely boy
Of course his mothers pride and joy
Always warm hearted kind and good
Ask him anything and he would
Come or go no hassle there
A heart of gold that he would share

As for the neighbour who shot our friend
Our surprise that he did defend
His motives, and, what he had done
Shooting our dear one on the run
Running away he clearly knew
The gun had been fired what could he do
He must have hoped he could get away
But alas for him he would never play

With his red ball or with us again
The bullet killed him and no doubt the pain
Shook his spirit which sank into
His body now what could he do
Close his eyes and wait to die
And forever we shall be asking why
They didn’t arrest this neighbour who
Shot our friend yes shot him through

At his burial in the yard
We cried we cried it was all so hard
To cover him our sweet dear soul
And know that he was in that hole
On a pillow with his things
Sleeping peacefully and it brings
Such sadness to us to know he is there
Dear T-bone and you all now share

Our loss and are helping to bring
Justice to bear

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