Rainsong sanctuary

A sanctuary in Costa Rica
Springs to mind today
Mary Perry an American friend
Its there that she does stay
She started it in the nineties
And has struggled through it, she
Gets volunteers to come and help
To help run it and be

Its a steamy forest location
Overlooking the sea
With lots of animals being helped
And cared for actually
She deals in biodynamics
Which is hard work anyway
And is clearly into saving the earth
Which is wonderful I say

All sorts of animals in the place
Turtles and monkeys I saw
And lots of creatures in cages
Being nursed back to health
For sure
All of this costs time and money
And so if you feel inclined
Go visit help them out will you
If you have a mind

To do this it sounds wonderful
They are on you tube and
Also face book and twitter
To help us understand
This kind of work is time consuming
But help is welcomed there
There are political implications
But when you are aware

Of the good work they are doing
And the fact that if you care
You can spend 3 months helping
Or sometime you can share
The experience of the animals
And the environment around
It is very rewarding
To be helping on the ground

Being part of something lovely
Is such a rewarding thing
If you are young and caring
Just think what you can bring
To these beautiful little animals
And this rather marvellous place
Contact them you never know
They would love to see your


Mary lynn Perry
Costa Rica
Top of Nicoya Peninsular in Cabuya Costa Rica

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