Monthly Archives: September 2015

Enchorro is dead

How did he die A spear in his gut Who threw the spear Clearly a nut A Masaai of course It points to that fact But may be it wasn’t How to react With tears thats the first thing This … Continue reading

Poor little dog

3 grown men And an audience We can hear Laughing in the background Seemingly such cheer To see a small dog beaten For fun And it being video’d too What is real improbity And we all see it is true … Continue reading

The indonesian bear

3 men are being questioned Over the face book post The killing and the skinning Of a bear one of the most Vulnerable of species Due to loss of habitat And they believed its was prudent To show where they … Continue reading

Inside the hunters heart

Anger Is it anger? Taking umbrage To the sight Of a wolf And all its freedom With its pack Emotions, tight Resentment and displeasure From the hunter Thick on gall Reproachful and vindictive He wants to kill them all He … Continue reading

Giraffe the height of purgatory

Long legged long necked Its the high trees to where These wonderful animals All so aware Of their enormous structure Imagine their gait How hard it must be To just demonstrate The power and emotion Ones head in the sky … Continue reading

Wolves lamenting

And why are you the way you are And what is death to mean The bad arse human hunters Are the farthest thing from green They care nothing for the wilderness Creation never put Them there to manage anything They … Continue reading

Ocean reality

This is what we get up to Off taiji everyday Until those rotten banging boats Come steering down our way Joyful and triumphant Thats us, each curling thrust Most would find us moving The Japanese though bust A gut they … Continue reading

Dancing bears

Look at him in a cellar Alone against the wall Sort of solitary confinement And no one hears his call The cellars damp and draughty Its bareness gets him down No food to really speak of And quite away from … Continue reading

The chicken exterminator

I look at this video At the operatives there Loading the shackles The machine of despair Its all done in front of the live birds Who see Whats happening there And how it will be The men can I call … Continue reading

Stop the war

Stop the war Whats it all for Victims we have become But we were never your enemy And our hearts beat as a drum The music of the oceans The melody of the sea The rhythm of the banging pipes … Continue reading