Monthly Archives: September 2015

Out in the blue

Another blue cove day A day of relief A day where primarily There was no grief The playful can Carry on playing away On their sabbaticals Surfing all day With the animation And alacrity The true dolphin spirit With its … Continue reading

Miami Sea Aquarium.

The regression of the innocent Is played out with captured souls Their total deprivation And destruction of their goals The amazing living ocean Has everything for they Have that total vibrance Every single day But torn from all the magic … Continue reading

Taiji 11/9

No where to go We thrash about so The devils have got us As most of you know We suffered so much Our anguish as such Abandoned, and Lost in the cove of grief Under the tarps Beyond all belief … Continue reading

Mohican man of music Alexandro Querevalu

Out of history he cometh To this sidewalk in the light A wooden flute a shell rattle and a voice That has some might A clarity its uninvoloved A directness from the soul All that breath of the ancestor Conjured, … Continue reading

Elephant boys

The absurdity of hunting The senselessness of it Its so completely futile It is from where I sit Feel his amazing presence Hear his thundering feet Crushing trees like matchsticks One of the elite Such an anti climax To see … Continue reading

Lily alias Delilah

A soft little item is Lily She dances well under the moon Out through the flap She’s doing her rap Clearly to her own made Up tune She loves sitting high Sitting low hiding too Under the bushes Just peeping … Continue reading

Taiji and the rest of japan

Thrashing away in the depths of the sea Under the corks that fact that you be Staying around to save other souls Because of the bloody Japanese trolls Sickens me deep down into my core It breaks my heart then … Continue reading

How many times do we have to ask?

How many times do we have to ask Why Taiji takes us to task We are freedom seekers and Truthfully can’t understand Dodging naval sonar sound Suffering fukushima, drowned In caesium and strontium we Suffer methyl mercury Pcb’s and cadmium … Continue reading

Red cove day

The ropes are taut The knives are out The pithing rods And there is no doubt The gaffs the Japanese The pain Its happening over and over Again Bodies lying drenched in blood The gaff the muscle Another flood Of … Continue reading

RHINO we know

A baked red path To a place where she Stands alone The infamy Of man unkind And his shallow way He bellows loud But his sharp decay Is obvious To those people who See the Rhino suffering As they do … Continue reading

Gavage in Taiji its infamy

The use of gavage inside Taiji Its malignant and malicious its infamy There are hardly words To describe their crime Feeding dead fish juice time After time In the cove where my parents blood Runs red with the families blood … Continue reading

Slaughter in the water

You can see our blood Can you feel our pain? Its happening to us again We are the RIsso’s We take the hit Around Taiji there is so much shit The banging pipes and the pithing pain We can feel … Continue reading


Look at my portrait That is me A dolphin Yes straight from the sea Of life and death Its where we are from And taiji is our ticking bomb We see the surf We feel the pain We suck in … Continue reading


Dreams become nightmares in Taiji Its no place for wild folk to be Its hell on earth on land on sea Its no where anyone should be Its a spiteful nasty horrid place A malignancy of the human race Acrimony … Continue reading

Stripey tails

I am the queen of the stripy tails In the land of fae where the seraph sails In the hawthorn hedges and snowdrops, I Hunt for the wild voles of Sepai I am the queen of the dancing fae I … Continue reading


Share my tears said the cow Share my sweat and pain but I don’t want you in My life Theres been so much disdain You have been such selfish Bastards Such a lousy host The factory farm I live in … Continue reading

The wickedness of the burger

In the truck that where we were loaded Any luck we ever had Has gone our fate is sealed forever And it feel so terribly sad We have no food we have no water No one checks now how we … Continue reading


It happened in Middelburg In the Eastern Cape A women whose marbles may be Not altogether intact In her head Took it upon herself Really to see How a mother with 10 baby Puppies only 3 days old Would fare … Continue reading

Tiny minded drinkers

Tiny minds do tiny things And some Chinese now do Stoop to idiotic and nasty games Read on, it all is true Human beings some of them Have little in their brain Than causing animal earthlings A lot of extra … Continue reading

Happy meat from whole foods or wherever

A happy meat pig Picked up by its ear And given a shot of the worst kind Of fear Dragged through its own shit Thats what we see Thats what we do How can that be Activists we are We … Continue reading

Daughters deserve a better shot

Its the great patriarchal divide And of course Its threatening life down the line Its a force To be reckoned with Its where men big men take the lead On life and on death and fail to concede And the … Continue reading

Autumn Equinox at the Roll rights stones

A coming together of friends on the earth Roll rights the backdrop with all of its worth A great spread of fields for all eyes to see In the comfort and shade of many a tree Our circle was cast … Continue reading


We all are aspiring angels The seraphs the cherubs the saints Fighting the princes of darkness Who reside in the place That now paints Its images over the ocean With its sky blue and bright yellow boats Delving into the … Continue reading

Taiji set us free

Getting up close and dirty To the dolphins in Taiji Taking an infant from its mother How sick can you be It proves the lack of knowledge The corruption at your core The worthlessness the scoundrelism Like nothing seen before … Continue reading

Think man unkind

The muck you now dispose of In the oceans where we live The heavy metals the radiation The excrement you give So freely of the crude oil Your plastics and your vile Chemicals so potent And your noise How you … Continue reading


Kneejerk legislation Crafted by those grey suits who Listened to the media But were not sure what to do Brought in the breed specific Which is to say the least unfair And lends itself to much abuse By humans who … Continue reading

Orangutan petting

The forest offers up a vibrant ape Its hair so red The canopy its hideaway Its where it builds its bed A nest of leaves atop of some Tree Floating in the sky Until man and his inappropriate logging Just … Continue reading

On the loss of my dear mother

What it is like for me to lose my mother And not be able to convince the world that I Am beside myself with grief for she was an angel Her understanding of me my relief Poachers came to take … Continue reading

Blue cove

18 captured 41 now knowing Life for them is over They will die taiji once again Is causing mayhem In the ocean And underneath The sky A lot of tears are falling At this moment Warm hearts cry out At … Continue reading

Peters thoughts on Taiji

Its really about energy And its generation here London takes to battling The Taiji dolphins fear It swells our inner organs Our sleep is affected by The huge numbers of dolphins That in Japan can die taiji steps up and … Continue reading