Lady Liuwa

The Liuwa plains in Zambia
Have suffered the predation
Not of other animals
But man un kind his nation
Of hunters poachers, they
Proved to me how arrogant they are
With their display

They have torn away the fabric
By shooting animals who
Lived upon this wilderness
As many were prone to do
They came to kill the Lions
That once roared loudly all about
Their heads now hang on dusty walls
As evidence of the rout

Its a huge place vast and fertile
That boasts a purple sky
One lion lives their she is known as
Lady Liuwa why?
Because she is the only one
Left to live and play
And around her still are animals
That could be used for prey

She’s remarkably in good condition
For a lone lionness to be looking as she is looking
She really needs to be a really excellent hunter
Which within tall grasses she
Can become a phantom tawny bodied shadow easily

And she does and fights her battles
Avoiding conflict she
Must watch her step for Hyeana’s can
Be dangerous actually
So she may in fact be successful
But have her bounty lost
This is what a solitary lion
Knows can be the cost

The purpose of my message here
Is about arrogance from those
Hunters who talk conservation
Thinking that they pose
Advantages or say they do
To give them credence but we
Know it is the opposite
They change it tragically

Balance in predation
And prey animals abroad
Is all to do with Nature
The great mother can afford
To balance and re balance
And counteract predation
But hunters and poachers
And trappers who come
Destroy the mean creation

Its arrogance and ignorance
Of the true habitation
The numbers that are needed
That is in relation
To what indeed is balance
Which only Nature knows
The hunter man is not my fan
As the wilderness now shows

Predation and prey animals
Become imbalanced by
Taking out the younger or the older
And the pie
Created from above it all
Assesses what is right
The hunters come for trophies
And mostly come at night

To rebuild lands to balance
The order must be sought
No hunting and no poaching on this land
Give it some thought
A single hunter with a gun can knock
Out various prey
All put there with a purpose
Not to be blown away

Hunter man and Poacher man
To you I say aloud
You are ruining everything
You might think you stand proud
But you are a bunch of arseholes
With little in your head
Hunting must be banned here
If you come you may wind up dead

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