Where the geo thermal hotspots burst
From the fissures underground
Spluttering geysers bask in sunlight
And diadems of sound
Lots of Steller Sea Eagles
Gather for their feast
Unbelievable numbers of salmon
To become deceased

These very handsome dark birds
With a white glance for a tail
And talons of rich yellow
On their six foot wings they sail
With massive beaks they find and eat
Frozen salmon they
Might let the odd Golden Eagle
Share their brunch
But may mob them right away
Despite the hunger still they share
Strips the frozen flesh, aware
That in the water around about
8 million salmon will be out

Laying their eggs And dying they
Are a source of protein come what may
All the eagles are well fed
On prime sized fish who are falling dead
Kamchatka peninsular is the place
The sea of Okhotsk we will face
From japan to Russia they do fly
For a stocked up larder
You now know why

In an around this marvellous place
Some 12000 bears may show their face
After hibernation they must address
Their fur by rolling they confess
To having a rather dirty coat
And a good roll in the thickest snow
Cleans the fibres as we know
This is wild nature in the raw
This what the wilderness is for
Spring is coming at a pace
Snow melt joins in the big race
To afford the plants a chance to grow
To fill the world with flowers you know
Rich green carpets just evolve
With lots of puzzles now to solve
Ducks will quack and flowers will flower
A short time changing every hour
Winters are cold and take their toll
On the wild ones on a fighting roll
Building fat and storing too
Some energy to just get through

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