The trophy hunters are here too

What is wrong with these arse oles
The killing of deer
Purely for trophies
To hang it is clear
They talk about conservation
And the need
To chop out some animals
And this does lead

To far better management
Well I say No
Its purely the psychopaths
Reason to blow
5 grand or more on a pastime that
Beautiful animals their blood

antler souvenirs
Is the name of the game
And this is the impetus
Also the fame
On the walls in their halls
All sorts of dead souls
Its all about kudos
They take on their roles

As someone who helps manage
Herds thats their thing
Though the business it all has
That familiar ring
Money its a business and
Trophies appear
To be really great business
Bringing such cheer

To those psycho hunters
They get off on it
Watching an animal
Die as they pit
Their skills and their aim
And their lust for their dream
Of cutting an animal
Down in midstream

They call this love
And a kindness to all
I call it hatred
A loathing the fool
That actually thinks
It is good some should die
And he be the appointed assassin guy

Shows remarkable arrogance
And an insentient soul
And what fuels it is money
Thats gives the control
It leaves a bad taste in my mouth
Right away
If you don’t have the money
The money to pay

So whoever makes profit
Then deer won’t be killed
They will be free
No blood will be spilled
And thats down to ignorance
Yea all the way
Its like fucking cancer
And thats just not okay

Our wild folk are paramount
They earn their keep
They forage and by so doing
They reap
As do we for the countryside
Is managed that way
Nature gives the balance
And that saves the day

We don’t need the hunters
No not at all
We don’t want to see antlers
Hung in their hall
Leave them on the deer
Leave the deer well alone
Thats management
And it let it be shown

To be right on the money
Nature knows best
Predation and prey
And we know the rest
Close all these businesses down
Right away
Stop killing animals
Thats what I say

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