Giraffe the height of purgatory

Long legged long necked
Its the high trees to where
These wonderful animals
All so aware
Of their enormous structure
Imagine their gait
How hard it must be
To just demonstrate

The power and emotion
Ones head in the sky
Ones feet firmly on the ground
Exalted so high
Those leaves that no other
Can reach they must be
As sweet as the sunlight
That only they see

And being so tall
A complete panorama
From all sorts of levels
Imagine the drama
Upwards and onwards
A pure energy
And great strength
Translated from off
Every tree

Enter the bad arse
The man with a bow
Mentally struggling
He wants to grow
But however many animals
He shoots and eats
He is ant like in stature
One of the cheats

And his target is
This fine giraffe
And why
This is canned hunting
And if she does die
The bounty is a figure
That he can afford
This wonderful soul
Will be his reward

She looks down and sees him
And easily could
Kick him into oblivion
And bloody should
But she is a wild soul
She gives it thought
She is perfectly sane
And not a bit over wrought

By the ant man who cometh
With his fatuous ways
She be his mentor
But sadly she pays
Clear headed and coherent
He, manic and crazed
Fires off a bolt
That might have just grazed
The side of her shoulder
But another let fly
That brought her crashing down
With a tear in her eye

How many bad arse hunters
Out there really know
How their victim lives
And what lies below
The skin level honestly
What wisdom they
Have about anything
Which has to play
Into the psyche
Of the victim who will
Lie there a dying
But be incredibly still

Bad arse hunters
Who kill for the money its cost
Lions are beyond them
So Africa’s lost too many
Giraffes they are falling like flies
If you are a bad arse its quite a prize
And this fool believes he is a hero
For he is recorded elsewhere
With a child on his knee
Telling the child lets go kill
A giraffe
Do you want to kill one
His sentiments naff

They are wonderfully ignorant
Their naivete
And artlessness so high
They themselves cannot see
So unenlightened and unteachable too
Obsessed with their grandeur
Deranged thats my view

That beautiful earthling
That stretched to the sky
With so much fine colour
And expectations so high
A great optimism a visual flight
A romantic at heart
The truest of sight

Has been felled
By some arrows
And is now lost to the world
Death in a dust cloud
Swept down and hurled
Into a maelstrom of falsehood and pain
Everything stopped
She will not move again

Her eyes are still open
Observing her death
That true perspicuity
Behind that breath
Gone now forever
The darkness rolls by
Captures her breath
And away it does fly

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