Enter the Cow ( the FEMALE)

There are stages to consider
Let us open our eyes and see
10 men dressed in yellow
In togetherness they be

Manhandle this poor female
Pull and tug and strain
She doesn’t want to come inside
What is there to gain

From being tugged and violated
She who knows much grief
She who has lost her babies
To the dairy beyond belief

She who has carried each baby
Through the pregnancy
Suffered all the heartaches
And the misery

And now she is being led into
The slaughterhouse where she
Is expected to give her life away
To be slaughtered painfully

Of course she tries to fight them
But ten men overwhelm
And so slowly she is pulled and tugged
With the leader at the helm

Halal of course and kosher rules
The death methods most use
Its all done and dusted
The corporates abuse

So nothing new there
We can see the hosing down
And they
Lock her into a death contraption
She cannot get away

This knot of death clasps her
And the man, the butcher he
Get his knife slashes her throat
With such vulgarity

Lack of respect for a dying female
He then cleans off the blade
By rubbing it on her dying head
Un hymned yet on parade

Pulled back and lifted by one leg
To swing and be away
To where the butchers all in yellow
Will joint her up and say

The price that all cows suffer
Death their allotted space
She really wanted to be alive
In a green field place

But that was just a pipe dream
The human beings they
Drain the poor of all they have
Before they go away

The colour of their garments
did seem right to me
Yellow stands for cowardice
Which all of us could see

The patriarchal power base
Is literally everywhere
And cows the female of the species
Only know despair.

Those of you who drink their milk
Or its by product should know
Those of you who eat her flesh
Who wear her leather show

The extent of the female terror
Played out on each cow
She stands for fairness and a loving life
And You must ask yourselves, how?

You cannot see yourselves in her
You cannot feel her pain
And thinking on the words my dears
How you might now refrain

From adding to her agony
From giving them a case
Stop eating her stop wearing her
Give her a little grace

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