Elephant boys

The absurdity of hunting
The senselessness of it
Its so completely futile
It is from where I sit
Feel his amazing presence
Hear his thundering feet
Crushing trees like matchsticks
One of the elite

Such an anti climax
To see a great soul there
Hammered by two bullets
And left in dark despair
And what crime was he into
Living where he was born
Sleeping in the forest
Until our dread and scorn

An intelligent individual
Who will be sorely missed
And why was he stalked and murdered
A statistic on some list
A forager of distinction
You could feel their affinity
Both lie down to dream a while
The society of the free

Enter man the hunter
With his rifle full of steel
His heart is full of maggots
And he just cannot feel
The heartbeat of the elephant
The wisdom of the breed
The bond these elephants clearly had
And where not it would lead

Egged on by his so called friends
He lifts his rifle high
Points it at this amazing soul
And fires twice which is why
The great beast falls in agony
Felled by the will of those
Who care nothing for the animals
As this vile action shows

And its all about the ivory
Its money in a bank
Nothing about the elephant
Which I find really rank
These awe inspiring creatures
Iconic through and through
Why is it they can just be killed
And anyone can do

This provided they have
The paperwork all signed
Then the authorities look away
As so many lose their their mind
It goes against all reason
To hoot and seemingly
Imagine you had forethought
But really inanity

It was your misjudgement
Handicapped by greed
Obsessed with killing animals
Wanting to succeed
For the long term it is pointlessness
Its fatuous and wrong
No sage would ever do this
You do not belong

In Africa or anywhere
These great beasts are now rare
Everything about them
We all need to share
The psychopathy of censure
Alienates us all
Exchange your rifle for a camera
Seeing them all fall

To the hunters bullet
Is complete insanity
And watching this here video
Honestly I see
A nightmare that won’t go away
For it will follow me
Through my life forever
And into infinity

Waking up a sleeping soul
Where exhaustion cuts him down
The improbity of that
Really going to town
On a pair of friends in harmony
Who sleep at the same hour
The unfeeling nature of this act and
Is a wanton use of power

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