We know that whatever we do to this land
The next generation may not understand
I don’t understand so why should they
How we in a life time just blew them away

Thousands of animals iconic souls
We sawed off their horns and their tusks
We were poles
Away from the sentient
We were uncouth
We murdered we raped our excuse
We were youth

Young for this world possibly so
We tore down the forests and the creatures
Did go
Slash and burn turned what we had
Into fire
They all were murdered
As the corporates conspire

The bankers grew rich on the back of us slaves
The poachers were gullible and heartless knaves
They pillaged and violated animals so
Rich Chinese merchants might enjoy the show

Hippos and Giraffes new kids on the block
Much cheaper canned hunting prices the shock
Comes when the psychopaths go out and kill
The giraffes and the Hippos their blood they so spill

Lions and old Cecil for fifty five grand
Some yank with a bank would not understand
A yank who yanks teeth that was now who
Should be extradited because thats what they do

They kill for the thrill
To see the blood spill
And they always will kill
To see the blood spill

The tiny Rhino
He cannot sleep
He watched his mother
Her horn gone
To reap
such a woeful message
He cries every night
He cannot sleep alone
He has had such a fright

Again some shit poacher
Murdered his mum
And will get away with
A small glass of rum
Probably all that was needed to get
Away thats the price these scumbags set

Elephants downed 5 arrows away
From slaughter me thinks
It is all underway
The hunters the poachers
The trappers are here
Fucking with nature
And bringing on fear

The time has come for us all
To awake
To fight with our pens for everyones sake
To fight with our fists
To fight with our heart
To fight till the end
And we better soon start

2 comments on “Afrika

  1. Brilliant. Thank you Rex….!

  2. Rushed off in less than 10 minutes good you liked it a sort felt like had to drag it out of my psyche x

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