Its a total disrespectfulness
A complete irreverence
Its an humiliation and an affront
That makes no sense
Its contemptible behaviour
To underrate their worth
To minimize and belittle
Others on this Earth

To have that lack of conscience
That deviousness that some
Expound that double dealing
Its as almost as if they are numb
To the reality of the moment
For the freedom that we share
And so we deny them everything
We just seem not to care

Our wickedness is greater
Than their innocence we feel
And it seems more appropriate
Lets say its more real
For us to take the upper hand
For us thus to decide
That they can be the victim
And we can hide inside

Our guilt and our involvement
We simply file away
Its not a malpractice
Nobody can say
Whether its reprehensible
To let them take the stick
Let them face the music
For compared to us they are thick

And so perhaps a seraph
A paragon a saint
We lock up in frozen cage
Really we just paint
Remorse on every window
We have condemned them anyway
What did they know of freedom
So how much do they pay

Had we the right to do this
Their purgatory still
Can they come to terms with it
And do we feel their chill
Locked up, in a contraption
Of some sicko science team
Who never had a good word
To say and did never dream

We contravened their very self
Contrary to law
We condemned them without any trial
And what was all that for
We punished them we inflicted
Such agony abroad
Unthinkable disasters
It was kind of our reward

The primates lost their freedom
Which was heartfelt and was deep
Cherished by them such a need
They had no right to reap
For we had sown the ghastly seed
It was our misfeasance, we
Crawled into our sinful stage
Where we thought we could be free

It was after all for the greater good
The corporate clouds were there
Drifting through our consciousness
Giving light giving despair
With our scalpels and our white coats
We imagined we could be
Doctors rising slowly
Into respectability

We listened we were awe struck
Naivety was ours
The malignancy and spitefulness
Of the masters with their powers
Pervading all normality
Humanity became
Part of the solution
For us it seemed the same

And so the animAl earthlings
Were forced to take the can
Forced to bear the agony
It was all part of a plan
Lock them in these boxes
And torture them at will
Pump them full of chemicals
We are doing it to them still

Experiment after experiment
Victims everywhere
Brutality and savagery
We were all aware
We have even set up facilities
Farms where they undergo
Dark and sadistic surgery
And the numbers grow and grow

And the leadership is aware of it
Supports it out of hand
Licenses all these experiments
Their evil fire is fanned
An vivisection is prevalent
Its every fucking day
Their tears fill up our oceans
And With so much blood they pay

For what? What is it all for?
Some corporate cleaning crap
Injected up their arses in their eyeballs
we slap
These terrible chemical cocktails
On their delicate skin
We violate them hourly
We commit such sin

And we dress them up in white coats
And they have licence to
Experiment on animals
Do what they choose to do
And they do not use painkillers
Its all done in agony
Egregious torture on those
Born to be free

And are the findings magnificent
The discoveries do they save
Precious lives of millionaires
Regrettably the grave
News is most are worthless
Just malevolent intent
Just sadism just evil
A virulent caustic bent

They are in fact no better
Than the psychopathic creeps
The unpitying disasters
The callous ruthless peeps
Its discriminatory its dishonest
Unforgivable disdain
And the people who have hearts
And souls
Are also in the chain

We are being dragged together
By our sad complacency
We are being brainwashed being
Just coshed we don’t seem to see
The writing up there on the wall
In fact we look away
We do not wish to hear their cries
But we don’t mind if they pay

Of course some of us object to it
face book gives us steam
To like or comment on these things
And then go home and dream
Or scream or seem to be alive
But are we, no we are dead
The rats are being torn apart
Inside our fucking head

The primates we open their skulls
And mess inside their brain
And what the fuck is it all about
For we do it again and again
The victims die in agony
And are tossed into the fire
Burned out of the chimneys
Of the dark rampant desire

Futility is everywhere
We torment and we kill
We design advance torture kits
So much blood we spill
In the name of science
Its science all the way
The corporate generosity
Which is now underway

Trillions of animals sacrificed
Their blood is everywhere
Their tears though we cant hear them
If only we could share
See them with our own eyes
Feel each twinge of pain
Be there see them writhing
Again and again and again
Then we just might change our tune
And rise up and be heard
We just might stop this mayhem
We might concoct a word
We might be able somehow
To fight with them and win
And put an end to exploitation
Which is nothing short of sin

Or we might just carry on the same
Facebook pages comment and like
Whilst building more facilities
Beagle farms remember tyke
The elephant what happened when she
Upped and ran
89 bullets hit her
All part of the plan

And elephants are dying in Africa
Every day
In circuses they do their tricks
Bull hooked all the way
The animals are under siege
And too few Of us care
And soon there won’t be any left
To imagine they are aware

2 comments on “Experimentation

  1. Claudia on said:

    SO…True Rex…. Futile irreverent and the rest, extremely well put, thank you for this powerful poem, it says exactly how it is for our poor Earthlings. Dear Goddess, we have got worse not better. The powers that be have turned their backs

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Claudia thanks so much writing as I do these very powerful poems are gut wrenching and that people respond helps so much

      Thank you x

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